This Is Why Most People Fail With Learning The Guitar

The vast majority of people will pick up the guitar, excited to learn, and then fail and quit within two months (or sooner!). It could happen to you. It happened to me the first time I picked up the guitar. No one is immune. Even those who have played for years may put it down one day, never to pick it up again. 

Why? What’s the difference?

There are many different factors, from motivation to feedback to time. But the biggest one I’ve seen is a lack of direction. 

If you don’t know what to do next or how to get better, you’re probably going to quit. It wasn’t until I took a class where we did a unit on the guitar that I ended up sticking with it for over 15 years now. You need a plan. You need a way forward. 

Whether you take lessons, follow a book or video series, or sign up for online courses, find a plan. You’ll be more likely to improve and stick with it. 

But with lessons being so expensive, books being impersonal, and a lot of garbage online courses out there, it’s scary to know where to put your money. This is why I have to talk again about Jam Play. Here are the five reasons I’ve said before that Jam Play stands out from the rest of the crowd. 

Check out Jam Play online guitar lessons. 

Jamplay Benefits

#1 Teaches The Whole Guitar

The guitar has a lot of aspects to learn. From fingering to strumming to picking to scales to arpeggios to fingerstyle and a million other things, it’s overwhelming. 

Fortunately, we all have natural strengths and interests, so we’ll end up advancing in some areas pretty quickly. But if we’re not careful, we’ll end up forgetting or ignoring other techniques we don’t like as much or feel as natural at. 

In the long run, this will make you quit as it limits your ability to play a lot of guitar music. 

Jam Play’s courses cover all aspects of guitar and provide extra lessons in different ways to cover the same information. Whether you just need more practice or a different perspective, they’ve got you covered. 

#2 Provides Motivation With Genre-Specific Lessons

Very few people genuinely love all types of music. I know I don’t. I respect all styles, but I have my own favorites (singer-songwriter, classic rock). 

If I were to take a course on one style, I probably wouldn’t feel as motivated to learn unless it was the style I liked (this has happened to me). 

Jam Play covers every style imaginable, so there’s something there for you to engage with and learn. 

#3 Doesn’t Break The Bank

Learning guitar is cheap if you learn it all on your own. But we can’t do this without help. Mastery only will come when you learn from those who came before you. 

Jam Play won’t break the bank but still offer you thousands of lessons from all sorts of experts. 

#4 Provides A Place For Questions And Answers

Feedback is critical. Sometimes we just don’t understand something, and sadly, most online learning programs have no way to ask questions. 

Jam Play offers an active online forum populated with beginners and pros alike. It’s a great community where you can ask questions and get helpful, practical answers. 

#5 Clear Lessons And Information

It’s hard to explain how to play the guitar. If it was easy, there’d be one way to go about it, and everyone would play like Hendrix. 

Jam Play knows how tricky it is to teach the guitar; this is why their lessons place emphasis on clarity of information, audio, and visuals for all learners. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this killer program, check it out at the link below. 

Check out Jam Play online guitar lessons. 

This Is Why Most People Fail With Learning The Guitar
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This Is Why Most People Fail With Learning The Guitar