How To Learn Guitar FASTER Than Ever Before

As a music teacher in my community, I’m asked all the time about what programs or books out there are the best for students at different levels. Students, parents, and pretty much everyone comes to me with names of programs to check out for them. 

I take these recommendations very seriously. Even if they’re not my own students, I believe in the importance of spreading the joys of music-making. If I recommend a bad program, I could turn off multitudes of people for ages to come. 

With guitar, it seems like the risk is even higher. There are hundreds if not thousands of “perfect” guitar courses out there, and the majority of them are OK. But there are a lot out there that are terrible. I only recommend those that work with high-quality lessons and actually help people learn to play the guitar faster

This is why you’ll see me recommend Guitar Tricks all the time. 

Check out Guitar Tricks online guitar lessons. 

I know you’ve heard me mention these guys before. But they are the all-around BEST guitar lessons option out there for any level of player. Today, I want to focus on how this program will help you learn guitar FASTER than almost any other program out there. 

#1 Balance Of Fun And Technique

As a teacher, I know how important motivation is to keep students from 8-80 playing. But I also know that technique is critical for improvement. Where’s the balance? 

Guitar Tricks finds the balance between the two really well. Their lessons will offer both practical exercises designed to improve your skills while applying them to real music and in fun ways. For all players, the result is a desire to improve and practice. 

This, more than anything, will help you jump forward in your skills by leaps and bounds. 

#2 Reward System And Clear Progress

It may seem silly, but we, by our nature as humans, want to feel successful. We want to feel like we’re making progress. This has never been more true than it is now with our need for instant gratification. 

Well, learning guitar isn’t instant by any means, but Guitar Tricks offsets this. You’ll feel inspired to practice more by receiving little rewards and “badges” for completing certain lessons. The progress tracker will also help you feel accomplished even when you feel stuck in place with your playing. 

This is motivating and practice makes progress, so…keep on practicing. 

#3 Massive Library For All Levels And Types Of Players

One major drawback of online and book-derived learning is that it usually doesn’t have the right lessons for every player. Guitar Tricks is huge and has lessons on every technique, genre, and song you can imagine for every level of player. 

These specialized lessons will reach you wherever you’re at and improve your guitar playing faster than you could ever imagine. 

If you aren’t convinced yet to try this program, that’s OK. Remember, you can always sign up for a two-week trial at no cost to you. What do you have to lose? 

Check out Guitar Tricks online guitar lessons. 

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How To Learn Guitar FASTER Than Ever Before
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How To Learn Guitar FASTER Than Ever Before