25 Songs with “Laura” in the Title, with Detailed Description

Below is a list of 25 songs with “Laura” in the title:

. Laura – Billy Joel

This song is by the ubiquitous American rock star, Billy Joel. Though the true identity of “Laura” was shrouded in mystery for some time, Joel later revealed that the song is about his mother (whose name was Rosalind, by the way, not Laura). I think we can all relate to the bittersweet feelings felt when speaking with our mothers on the phone. After all “How do you/Hang up on someone/Who needs you that bad?”

2. Laura – Scissor Sisters

Laura Bush? Laura Palmer? (More on that later) No one knows for sure. The band has given multiple answers in their live shows as to whom this song is written about. But in any case, as one listener on SongMeanings.com put it “this song is so much fun to go drunkenly spaztic to!” I’d definitely have to agree it has that vibe. Party on, friend!

3. Laura – Bat for Lashes

This evocative ballad tells the tale of the aftermath of what singer Natasha Khan called a “debauched party.” The titular “Laura” is supposed to be one of her friends who is having a hard time coming down from the high – literally and figuratively – of the previous night.

The whole song could be a metaphor for not a specific night, but life in general: the idea that it is sometimes difficult to return to normal after a pleasurable experience. Laura is longing for the proverbial “good old days,” and asks, “Can we dance upon the tables again?”

4. Laura – David Raksin

The theme from the movie of the same name was written by composer David Raksin, but has since become a jazz standard and covered by many of the gods of the industry. The song is presented as the theme of the movie and was originally written without lyrics.

Only after the popularity of the movie were the words penned by Johnny Mercer (who claimed he didn’t remember the melody at first, but learned to love it). The song was supposedly written in only one weekend after a disagreement between Raksin and the movie’s director caused the old theme to be scrapped, leaving them in need of a new one.

5. Think of Laura – Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross is most known for his Oscar-winning theme song for the 1981 film Arthur. However, this gem is a heartfelt song about Laura Carter, a friend that was killed by a stray bullet from an unrelated gunfight several blocks away. The song asks for those who listen to not cry thinking of her memory, but rather be happy because “I know she’d want it that way.”

6. Laura –TV Girl

This bell-laden bop by American indie group, TV Girl, is about a lost love or relationship with a (potentially extraterrestrial) girl named Laura. The author sits alone on his couch thinking about the time he spent with Laura and how much he misses her.

7. Laura Palmer – Bastille 

In regards to this tune, lead singer Dan Smith said the song is “admittedly me shouting that I’m a David Lynch fan from the rooftops.” Based on the focal character in Lynch’s series Twin Peaks, the song tells a fictionalized and dramatized version of the character Laura Palmer’s death.

The driving drumbeats echo the main idea of the song presented in the chorus: her beating heart drives Laura out into potentially dangerous (and ultimately fatal) adventures. 

(My freshmen college roommate used to blast this album at all hours, so this one will forever remain a part of me. Perhaps the best part of this whole thing is the random dog barking midway through the music video).

8. Theme of Laura – from Silent Hill 2

This theme music was written by Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka for the popular video game Silent Hill 2. Contrived to elicit “emotions” from the player, it is a purposefully sad sounding melody with a driving beat.

The use of various sound effects throughout the soundtrack was the composer’s attempt at creating an uneasy feeling. Laura is described as a small girl who is the only innocent resident of the town who is therefore unable to see any monsters. 

*David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) is credited as one of the inspirations for the art style of the game.*

9. Laura – Flogging Molly

Celtic punk band. Those are 3 words you don’t often hear together. Yet, somehow Flogging Molly makes it work. Despite the upbeat Irish-jig-meets-Green-Day vibe of the song, the lyrics are actually a sad tribute to lead singer Dave King’s late wife, Laura. The track is often quoted as opening with the spoken line “This next song is about a young lady called Laura…who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore…but she’s still called Laura.”

Though it is never indicated who Laura is specifically, the general consensus is that it is his late first wife. She can never be replaced in his heart, but he toasts to the happiness she was able to provide him during her life.

10. Laura Palmer’s Theme – from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti

Here she is again, folks. Boy, for someone who is dead, Laura Palmer sure gets a lot of airtime – and songs in her honor! This haunting theme sets the musical foundation for this cult TV series. Apparently, according to Badalamenti himself, he unknowingly composed the piece so that it actually has two climaxes, making it resemble two (or twin) peaks.

You can hear it in the music and the photo of the midi arrangement shows this clearly as well. Whether it was intentional or not, it still adds another layer of intrigue to this well-beloved music and series.

11. Laura Laurent –Bright Eyes

Written for a friend who shared his depression, this song has a slow dragging feel to it that really gives it that disheartened (and maybe a little drunk?) mood. Despite its relatively simple structure and writing, it is filled with some rather poignant and eloquent lyrics.

The narrator was tasked by Laura’s sister to keep an eye on her, however his own anxiety and depression proved too much and he ditches his responsibility and therefore, Laura herself. 

“But you should never be embarrassed by your trouble with living/Because it is the ones with the sorest throats, Laura, who have done the most singing.” Well said. 

12. Laura – Max Manie

This is a mostly instrumental techno song by the Austrian artist Max Manie. The only true lyrics come from a spoken word section in the middle of the song. As with many songs of the genre, it is shrouded in a bit of mystery and there are not a lot of available interpretations of the words. On the surface, they send a message of self-empowerment and that it is better to just live your life.

13. Laura Lee – Atlus

Wow! Indie artist Atlus’s ditty about an emotionally tumultuous relationship is truly touching. It is partnered with a video that is reminiscent of a film class project, yet is able to tell an emotional story about abuse and its effects on the whole family.

14. Laura – STRFKR

The lyrics to this song are short and sweet. “All, all I know/I was happy enough/Just to be alone/All, all I know/I was happy enough/Just to know.” It is a relaxing organ-heavy little song that leaves lots to the imagination. And yes, the name of the band is a NSFW word with the vowels (and one “C”) removed. 

15. Laura – Rick Braun

Flugelhorn? You got it baby. Written for “someone very special” in his life, this is a heart-wrenching piece for flugelhorn. (How many flugelhorn pieces can you name?) It sits in a space that infuses elements of jazz, pop, and classical together. So maybe…Jopssical? Pazzical? Regardless of the genre, this is a gorgeous instrumental piece by jazz trumpet star, Rick Braun.

16. Hey Laura – Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter’s nectary voice is really showcased in this soulful tune about a man who can’t move on. He visits a woman at night stating he has something on his mind and then dares her to “Go ahead and lie to me” in regards to the new man she has found. This is a stand out song on the record that won Gregory the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2014, and is one of the most streamed jazz albums ever.

17. Laura – Taylor Bradshaw

This is a simple yet effective love song by Taylor Bradshaw. The song is about a long distance relationship so he describes how happy he would be if he were able to be near Laura all the time.

This was supposedly written for a real person and it seems to have worked because according to Taylor “When I sang this for her, she told me she loved me for the first time.” I hope the relationship works out. Godspeed, friend!

18. Laura – Stefan Stürmer feat. Deejay Biene & DJ Basti

Our first foreign language hit on the list; this German dance tune is a bit NSFW. The German lyrics may get lost on most of us but after a quick Google translate, you get the gist. Laura is a promiscuous girl who likes to partake in group activities with other girls her age, shall we say. I bet Stefan Stürmer had a great time filming the music video…

19. Laura Non C’è/Laura no está/Laura is Away – Nek

Nek is an Italian pop star that often releases his music in both Italian and Spanish. Regardless of which language you choose to listen to, the story remains the same: Laura has left him and he is not satisfied with his new lover. This single was a career-starting international success and was also released in French and English.

20. Laura –Migueltom

Rapper and Latin music star Migueltom released this bop in 2020. Not much information is available for this song online, but the music video is well shot and if your name is Laura, I can imagine you getting down to this song. 

21. Laura – Turtlenecked

This is an upbeat song by Portland indie band Turtlenecked that makes you just want to skip down the road Wizard-of-Oz-style.  The band might actually join you since the singer is willing to “walk from Harlem to Sheepshead Bay” just to meet with Laura.

This is from 2020’s Kapow! which for now may be all we see of the band. Only Harrison Smith (and perhaps some producers and agents) knows what’s in store for the group. But in the meantime, be sure to enjoy this jam.

22. Tell Laura I Love Her – Ray Peterson

This is a pop-country ballad telling the tragic tale of Tommy who died in a car crash after attempting to win money for his love, Laura. The original draft featured a rodeo but was scrapped for the more emotional car crash version.

Despite reaching no.7 on Billboard in America, Decca Records in England opted to destroy the recordings and not release it, feeling that the song was distasteful. Regardless, it was one of the most beloved “teenage tragedy” songs in its small pop niche.

23. Laura – Nomuel

This multilingual song by French band Nomuel makes me want to just cuddle up to the fire with a blanket around my shoulders. Verse 2 is in French but the rest of the song is sung in English. This is yet another entry in the list of songs lamenting lost lovers. Maybe we should watch out for girls named Laura, huh?

24. Laura –Akcent

Romania has entered the chat. Pop group Akcent’s dance hit tells the tale of another past lover who is remembered by the sapphire stone she gives to the narrator. Just another Laura-induced heartbreak, but this time in Romanian and with a pulsing house beat. …Maybe they’d have better luck with Kylie Minogue (whom the English version of their hit song “Dragoste de inchiriat” is named after)…

25. Lady Laura – Roberto Carlos

The “King of Latin Music,” Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos wrote this song in honor of his mother Laura Moreira Braga. Her inspiration seemed to help since the album sold over 1 million copies. Sadly, Roberto learned of his mother’s death while on tour at Radio City Music Hall in 2010, but her memory will live on in song…

25 Songs with “Laura” in the Title
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