Reduce Your Guitar Frustration NOW With Guitar Tricks

In my years of guitar playing and teaching, I’ve learned the two things that work together to kill the dreams of any aspiring guitarist: frustration and lack of direction.

Whenever I check out a guitar learning program, whether it’s a book series or an online course, the first thing I look for is if it covers these two areas. Students of all levels need to feel like they know how to improve and that they are indeed improving. 

This is why I got really excited as I dug even further into Guitar Tricks online learning program. It’s a massive collection of guitar lessons by expert players across all genres, and better than this, it offers clear directions for how to progress through lessons and help for players of all levels. 

Check out Guitar Tricks online lessons. 

After going through a large portion of the lessons (not all of them because there are 1,000s), I was amazed at how it can help many guitar players improve. If you go through this program, you will: 

  • Find lessons at your level to make you improve no matter what you (or what you don’t know). 
  • Improve your technical skills with applicable lessons and exercises. 
  • Master playing “tricks” to make your guitar skills more impressive and fun to play. 
  • Build foundational skills covering every aspect of guitar playing so nothing in your guitar toolbox falls behind. 
  • Play more like a professional through many lessons and listening to the expert teachers on the platform. 

Guitar Tricks is for everyone. There are lessons out there for the brand-new player and the decades-long experienced guitarist. In my opinion, as a teacher first, Guitar Tricks does an exceptional job with beginner and intermediate level guitarists. 

At this level, they provide great lessons helping these players avoid frustration and know exactly what to learn next as they develop the basic skills they need to take their playing to another level. This being said, there is so much on there for serious players too. 

What’s In Guitar Tricks?

Without boring you with details, here are the main things you’ll find in the Guitar Tricks learning program. 

  • Core Learning System – Detailed courses to take you from where you are to the next level. Split into: 
    • Guitar Fundamentals I and II, Blues I and II, Country I and II, Rock I and II, Acoustic I and II
  • Learn to play song modules breaking down your favorite songs into details and how to practice them. 
  • Learn to play style modules offer helpful exercises and lessons on how to play in your favorite style of music. 
  • Progress trackers and badges to keep you motivated to learn more. 
  • A toolbox of 10 programs and trainers to build guitar technique and knowledge. 
  • An active forum to connect with others just like you! 

Overall, Guitar Tricks is one of the online programs you can trust. I check out every one my students bring to me, and I’m not afraid to critique and warn people off from them. But this one is one you need to check out. You won’t regret it.

Check out Guitar Trick online lessons. 

Guitar Tricks

Reduce Your Guitar Frustration NOW With Guitar Tricks
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Reduce Your Guitar Frustration NOW With Guitar Tricks