How To Find And Improve Your Vocal Range?

How to Improve your Vocal range

One of the first questions I’m asked by singers is: “How do I find my vocal range?” Fortunately, this is one of the first tasks I do as a vocal teacher with 20+ years of teaching experience. The whole process is simple yet complicated, and it’s completely essential. Singing in your vocal range is key … Read more

How to Sing Better Fast and Improve Your Singing Voice

How to Sing Better fast

Everybody wants to sing well and impress their friends, but very few people have confidence or skill in the area. Does this mean singing is left only to the naturally-talented? No way! As a music teacher for 20+ years and vocalist myself, I’ve helped thousands of students of all ages improve their singing voice. And … Read more

Rode NT vs. Blue Yeti: a Detailed Comparison and Review

Rode NT vs Blue Yeti

With the continued growth and influence of YouTube creators, podcasters, and more at-home media creators, the demand for affordable, yet quality microphones to capture sound in a range of environments and minimal equipment is at an all-time high. In my several years of working as a professional audio engineer, I’ve witnessed the arrival of professional-grade … Read more