JBL CLUB 9600c Review: is the Performance Good Enough?

JBL CLUB 9600 review

If you like music enough to care about the kind of speakers that are in your car, you know that factory speakers often don’t cut it. Factory speakers are often run of the mill and can only handle mild volume levels, mid-range highs, and low-level bass. Purchasing a new car with a high-end speaker package … Read more

Review and Comparison of Blue Yeti Vs. Snowball

Blue Yeti vs. snowball

Are you just getting into the podcasting/sound recording game and need a good microphone to round out your set up? Are you fed up with the expensive analog microphones, and you just want a simple, affordable USB microphone to use? Then you may not find better options than Blue’s top 2 USB microphones: the Blue … Read more