Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide

Onn soundbars are a budget-friendly option for your sound system. These soundbars provide great sound quality, and they are simple to set up. You can use them with other inexpensive Onn equipment, including TVs, subwoofers, and speakers. 

Like any soundbar, Onn soundbars occasionally have issues. Thankfully, these issues are relatively easy to fix. Onn soundbars are some of the more vexing soundbars I’ve seen, but some troubleshooting can usually take care of the issue. Below, we’ll look at the most common Onn soundbar issues and how you can fix them on your own.

Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting Tips

There are several issues that your Onn soundbar may have, including blinking lights, fading audio, and more. However, most of the time these can be resolved. Using troubleshooting tips and tricks, you can often fix your Onn soundbar. Keep this in mind before you decide to replace the soundbar. 

As a rule, you should try disconnecting the soundbar from power first. Wait for several seconds, and then plug it back in. In some cases, this simple step can resolve issues. 

However, when you need more in-depth Onn soundbar troubleshooting, consult this guide.

Why is My Onn Soundbar Blinking Red?

Usually, Onn and Roku soundbar flash red when they aren’t getting enough power. There is a simple fix for this problem. 

  1. Use the USB cable that came with the soundbar. If you are connecting the soundbar to your TV via USB for power, you might need to use the specific USB cable that shipped with your soundbar. This might deliver enough power from your TV.
  2. Connect to a power outlet. It might be that your TV just can’t provide enough power for your Onn soundbar. If this is the case, use the adaptor that came with your soundbar to connect it directly to a power source.
  3. Use a different USB port. If you are using the first USB port on your TV, switch to another one. Different USB ports may provide different levels of power, so it’s worth determining if that may be your issue. 

Onn Soundbar Cuts Out When Quiet

Onn Soundbar Cuts Out When Quiet

Soundbars may cut out for a variety of reasons. If your Onn soundbar is cutting out when your media is quiet, it might be one of the following issues.

  • Change your TV’s power-saving settings. Your TV may have power-saving settings that cause it to cut out when there is no audio signal, especially when shows are particularly quiet. You can change these from your TV’s settings menu.
  • Check cables. Make sure that you check all the cables connecting your soundbar to your TV. Sometimes, one of them can be loose, causing quieter audio signals to get lost. Make sure that everything is connected securely.
  • Software updates. The issues might be caused by out-of-date software. However, each Onn soundbar model may update software differently. Consult your user manual or contact Onn’s support service to learn how to update your model.

Why is My Onn Soundbar Not Working?

There are many different reasons that your Onn soundbar might not be working. A lot of them are simple fixes. If you aren’t getting any sound at all from your Onn soundbar, try these fixes. 

  • Check the cables. Make sure that all your cables are seated securely. Also, look at your Onn soundbar manual. Usually, there are multiple ways to connect your soundbar to your TV. Move through these configurations one by one until you find one that works.
  • Change your audio settings. Go into your TV’s audio settings. From the audio menu, look for your output settings. PCM, for example, is an audio setting that all soundbars can use. Change the different output types until you get to the one that works. 

Try these options first. If the soundbar still isn’t working after trying these options, consider contacting customer support.

Why Won’t My Onn Soundbar Turn On?

It can be frustrating when your soundbar won’t turn on. However, there are a few different things you can try to make sure that it’s not a faulty soundbar. 

  • Secure all your cables. Wherever a power cable is plugged into your soundbar, you need to check it. Cords from the wall outlet, through the power brick (if it has one), and into your soundbar. Make sure that all these connections are secure.
  • Connect via a different means. If you have your soundbar connected to your TV for power (via USB), unplug it and use a wall outlet instead. Your TV might not be supplying enough power for your soundbar.
  • Verify that the outlet works. Try plugging something simple into the same plug or outlet to make sure that it works properly. It might be that your outlet is not receiving power at all. 

Why Does My Onn Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

There is a relatively simple answer for your Onn soundbar turning off. It has to do with the way that the soundbar works. You can change the setting easily. 

First off, your Onn soundbar will turn off after a certain amount of time with low input. This means that your media is quiet or the volume on your TV is too low. Most of the time, this is automatically set to 15 minutes. 

To stop this, some users recommend changing the setting manually on the soundbar. Press the power and volume down button together for 10 seconds. This will change the timer to 4 hours instead of 15 minutes. 

Every time you turn the soundbar on, you’ll have to adjust this setting to make sure that your soundbar stays on. 

Why Does My Onn Soundbar Sound Muffled?

Audio issues aren’t common with Onn soundbars, but sometimes the audio can sound muffled. The following fixes will improve your audio quality. 

  • Turn up the volume on your TV. Your TV and soundbar have different volume meters. For the soundbar to function properly, you must turn your TV to 100% volume. Then, use the soundbar’s volume to adjust the volume you’re hearing. This should eliminate many common sound quality issues. 
  • Use a different connection method. If you’re using HDMI to connect your soundbar, switch to optical. Optical connections are better for sound quality overall, and this can help with some issues. 

Final Thoughts

When your Onn soundbar has an issue, it doesn’t automatically mean that your soundbar is faulty. Try these solutions and steps to fix the problem. If the problem doesn’t resolve, your soundbar may not be working properly. If this is the case, consider contacting Onn customer support for further help.

You can also learn some more troubleshooting tips related to soundbars by checking other similar articles throughout this site.


Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide
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Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide