MTX Magnum MB210sp Review: Great Performance for the Price

Budget subwoofer setups are important. After years listening to subs at every different price point, it’s easy to overlook the less-powerful setups in favor of more impressive ones.

However, over the years I’ve come to realize that budget subs have their place. If there wasn’t an easy way to get into car audio, many people wouldn’t take the initial plunge and find something they loved. If subwoofers like the MTX Magnum MB210sp didn’t exist, perhaps many people would never know the joys of bone-rattling bass.

This subwoofer is important, and it isn’t exactly shabby when it comes to the bass, either. In this MTX Magnum MB210sp review, I will show you why this subwoofer and budget options like it should be on your radar.

MTX Magnum MB210sp

The MTX Magnum MB210sp is a complete setup at a great price. Included two MTX Magnum 10 inch subs, the enclosure they fit in, and an amp that works perfectly for the enclosure. When you buy these things together, you get a complete setup at a price that you couldn’t beat if you purchased them separately.

While you can purchase the MTX subwoofers separately, they were put together this way to appeal to beginners in car audio. For a discount, you can get a nearly complete setup. For someone who has never purchased a subwoofer before and might not know about amp sizes and other options, this is a great package.

MTX has been creating car, home, marine, and other audio products for over 40 years. They have a great reputation as an entry-level brand in the car audio industry, and they boast that they have an audio solution for everyone. Response to the brand is usually positive.

What We Liked

  • (Almost) Everything you need is included. This is the obvious thing that makes this package great. I’ll go over what makes the individual parts of this setup great in a moment.
  • Decent power handling. The MTX Magnum MB210sp Dual 10 setup includes two 10-inch subwoofers that can handle 400 RMS watts each or 1200 Max watts. That’s a great middle-of-the-road power choice.
  • The look. The entire enclosure is branded, and it matches the logo on the subs and the amp. Everything goes together nicely and it’s going to look great in your car.
  • It’s great for smaller cars. The enclosure isn’t going to take up the entire trunk of your sedan.
  • The bass is great. The bass on these speakers is going to blow you away. They will definitely make your windows rattle and shake your mirrors up. I wasn’t expecting this kind of flex from the sub, and I was pleasantly surprised.
  • The price. Getting the entire setup at this price is a great deal.
  • SPL and bass boost. The enclosure for these subwoofers is built to boost the bass, and this is something that it does well.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Audio quality. While these MTX subwoofers pack quite a punch with the bass, the sound quality isn’t all that clear. The bass hits hard, but your music might become muddy in the process.
  • You still need to purchase a wiring kit. While some of the wires that you need are included, you will still need to purchase a wiring kit separately to get everything going. The amp hardware specifically is missing from the MTX Magnum Audio MB210sp
  • Amp doesn’t include a phase switch. For more experienced car audio enthusiasts, the fact that they have to use a makeshift phase switch is a real let down with this model.

Feature #1: Includes Specifically Designed Amp

One of the most important pieces of your car audio setup is the amp you choose to power your subs. In some cases, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out what type of amp you need, as well as the power output you need to match.

With the MTX Magnum MB210sp setup, you don’t have to worry about that. Included in the package is an amp that is made to the exact specifications of the subs. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of your audio setup, and that’s half the battle.

While these may not be the best MTX subs you can buy, the amp that comes with them will make sure that they work to the best of their ability.

Feature #2: Heavy Duty Wiring Terminals

The wiring terminals on the MTX Magnum MB210sp Amp are made of better materials and are going to last longer. This means that you can use your amp for longer and that the terminals aren’t going to wear out. In other models, this can sometimes happen and you might have to purchase a new amp.

That’s why the heavy-duty wiring terminals on the included amp and MTX subs are such a big deal.

Feature #3: Includes Vented Enclosure

Forget making or purchasing a separate enclosure. The enclosure that comes with this package is the perfect size and shape to make these subs work at their best.

The enclosure’s dimensions are 28.125” W x 12.9375” H x 13.125” D1 x 9.75 D2. It’s small enough to fit behind the back seat in a sedan with no problem.

In addition, the enclosure is also covered in aviation-grade carpet, so it’s going to stay nice for quite a while.

What does this mean for you? You won’t have to find a dual enclosure that fits your subwoofers. Since it all comes together, your subs are going to work at their best without having to purchase an additional enclosure (or make one yourself).

What Do You Need To Set This Subwoofer Up?

With most of the components and pieces included, what exactly do you need to get this setup going? You’re going to need a manual or wiring diagram, first off. Second, you must purchase a wiring kit separately.

For this amp and sub combination, you should be able to go with 8-gauge or 10-gauge wiring. On their website, MTX has a selection of wiring kits to fit your needs. If there is another brand that you like, you may be able to purchase a universal wiring kit from them.

Most everything you need is included, and the wiring kit is the only essential piece of the setup that you’ll need to provide after purchasing this set.


Power Handling 400 watts RMS
1200 watts Max
Size 10” (x2)
Nominal Impedance 4-Ohm
Frequency Response 20-300 Hz
Enclosure Dimensions 28.125”W x 12.9375”H x 13.125”D1 x 9.75”D2
Shipping Weight 48.4lbs
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor


What the Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers are impressed with the way that this set sounds. After looking through all of the reviews on retailer websites, there seem to be some trends among what customers did and didn’t like.

Some report that the bass is great when you want to feel the bass in your car without disturbing other cars on the road. It’s a great setup for smaller cars, and many people with previous problems finding a perfectly-sized set up find that this one fits nicely.

However, some customers are reporting problems with overheating from the amp. The amp is not perhaps not as beefy as some customers would like. Though it fits the recommendations for the subs, it sometimes doesn’t perform all that well.

Here is a short user video displaying how the MTX Magnum MB210SP sounds:

Final Verdict

The MTX Magnum MB210SP doesn’t contain the best 10 in subwoofers on the market, but if you are just getting into car audio, it’s a great place to start. Some of the included equipment is just good enough to work together without being particularly stellar in any way.

If you are looking to bump your bass on a budget or you’re just getting to subwoofers, this can be great. Everything you get with the package is great for the price. I can recommend this set for beginners, for sure.

However, if you know what you’re doing and want something with power and great sound quality, this may not be the best setup for you.

You can find more choices for 10 in subwoofers in this article.

Other Options

Looking for more power? Check out Alpine 10 in subwoofers instead. The Alpine S-W10D4 10” Subwoofer is a great high-powered subwoofer that’s a little on the higher end.

Just looking for an inexpensive sub? If you don’t want the whole setup, you can purchase an MTX 10” sub separately (like the MTX TN10-04) or go with something from Boss (like the Boss Audio CXX10).

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MTX Magnum MB210sp Review: Great Performance for the Price