A Thorough Expert Review of Morel Tempo Ultra 692

Whether on a road trip, taking a long commute, or just driving day-to-day, having a good sound system in your car is a necessity. However, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through each product’s features to choose the sound system that’s right for you.

As a life-long musician myself, I understand the importance of finding quality speakers. The wrong speakers can produce harsh or tinny sounds that are far less enjoyable to listen to. In general, component speakers are probably your best option.

Component speakers consist of a few essential parts: the mid-bass driver, a pair of tweeters, and crossovers. These components work together to create the best quality sound with the least distortion, even at high volumes. Because they’re generally very compact and lightweight, they are an excellent choice for a sound system in a vehicle.

Below is a review of what I believe to be one of the best 6×9 component speakers. This Morel Tempo Ultra 692 review will give you all the information needed to confidently make a decision if this system is the right one for you.

Highly Recommended
Great in-car speakers that produces clear, high notes and undistorted bass.
  • Reliable and durable
  • Good value overall
  • The peak power is 250 watts
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Morel Tempo Ultra 692 Review

The Morel Tempo Ultra 692 is more of a high-end 6×9 component car speaker system. While I admit that it is a bit on the pricier side, it’s clear that the quality far outweighs the cost. With clear audio in both treble and bass as well as reliability, Morel leaves its buyers singing the praise of its product.

Since 1975, Morel has been producing top of the line sound equipment with the goal of capturing, creating, and delivering music in a natural, high-quality way. In general, the company has been known to create some great products and customers are overall very happy with their purchases, and this is no exception. It’s clear that Morel did not skimp on the quality of sound for this product.

What we Liked

  • Although not cheap, the Morel Tempo Ultra 692 is also not the most expensive option. It has a lot of benefits and for a high-end speaker has a good value overall.
  • This speaker system is reliable and durable. Unlike other cheaper options, you won’t have to worry about the system failing right away. This system is built to last.
  • The peak power is 250 watts, which is higher than most speakers. The more powerful the speaker, the better (and more) sound you will get.
  • After a long analysis of the reviews, I’ve found that customers are overall extremely satisfied with their purchase. For those who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, this would be a safe choice in terms of customer satisfaction.

What we didn’t Like

  • Although it has better sound than many component car speaker systems, Morel Tempo Ultra 692 is also a tad pricier than these similar products. Make sure you carefully weigh the benefits against the cost.
  • Users have said that the tweeter is not quite as loud as they had hoped.
  • The tweeter mounting systems are included, however, grilles are not. It may be necessary to buy these separately, although generally these can be purchased at a low cost.

Excellent Sound

Morel boasts having an excellent sound, and this claim is backed by many reviews. Customers have noted the crystal-clear treble of the speakers. The sound cuts through without getting distorted or piercing in an uncomfortable way.

Also undistorted is the bass, which is often more difficult to find. In cheaper systems, it’s easy for the bass to rattle or for the sound to become unclear, especially as the volume gets turned up. Morel Tempo Ultra 692 has good quality on all ends. Those who place a high value in excellent sound would not be disappointed in that regard.

Built to Last

Morel also claims that the system is long-lasting and durable. I didn’t find even one review that mentioned the system breaking down or not working properly in any way.

With cheaper speakers, reliability is always an issue. Nothing is worse than getting a new product and having to deal with returns and customer service and potentially extra bills due to the product not doing what is says it will.  The Morel Tempo Ultra 692 offers a solution to this by guaranteeing that your system will work properly the first time, and you won’t need to worry about it breaking down immediately after the install.

About Morel

Across the board on many products, Morel is a favorite brand of many speaker enthusiasts. Their products get excellent ratings and reviews, and many of their products are ranked top in their categories. Morel makes high quality sound a priority, and it certainly shows in their products. After taking an in-depth look at the company and their products, I can confidently advocate for them as a whole.


Item Weight 7.72 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
Wireless Remote No
Power Handling 140W
Max Transient Power 250W

What the Customers Are Saying

Because this is a fairly new product, there haven’t been too many reviews on this particular model quite yet. However, the existing reviews certainly say something about the product. It’s incredibly difficult to find anyone that has much of anything negative to say about this product other than “it’s a bit pricey.”

One user stated that they wished the tweeter was louder, but the rest of the (rather long) review was all positive comments. People tend to comment especially on the clear high notes and undistorted bass, which can be a rare quality, especially in-car speakers.

Due to the lower volume of reviews on this specific model, I also made sure to spend ample time looking at similar models. The feedback is a bit more extensive, but the content is very similar. The customers consistently have the same comments: excellent sound, excellent reliability, but just a bit pricey.

Look at the following video for more information about Morel Tempo Ultra component speakers:


If you are looking for a speaker system with excellent sound and you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, the Morel Tempo Ultra 692 would certainly be worth considering.  The value and quality of this system could not easily be matched by Morel’s competitors. Based on my research, I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to replace or upgrade their car speaker system.

However, it’s important to take into consideration exactly what you want out of your car speaker system. If you decide that the Tempo Ultra 692 is a bit too pricey and are looking for a cheaper option, there are other products that are less expensive without sacrificing too much in quality. Check out the Rockford Fosgate P165-SI Punch for a slightly more budget-friendly option:

Good luck with your choice, and enjoy your new speaker system!

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