Master Songwriting And Guitar (Without Killing Yourself With Frustration!)

Almost every guitarist has two people inside of them: someone who wants to wow the world with their playing skills and someone who wants to write epic songs.

Whether those epic songs are ones that shred and make listeners scream or bring a tear to the eye of millions, songwriting is something different, and not everyone can do it. Of course, most people are never given good guidance on how to write songs. 

For the longest time, students were forced to choose between taking courses or lessons on how to play guitar and how to write songs. They were held separately as if they weren’t connected. 

Tom Morello’s Masterclass fixed this problem. 

Check out Masterclass with Tom Morello.

For over a decade, I’ve worked with students on guitar of all ages (8-80, I like to say), but there’s a crucial difference in some students regardless of age. They love guitar, but they love the art of songwriting even more. For these students, I’ve always searched for a program to approve of that balances some great guitar lessons with stellar songwriting systems. 

Tom Morello has you covered. In this video Masterclass, you get hours of video lessons from Tom (guitarist and songwriter in Rage Against The Machine and #40 on Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists of all time). The video lessons are split into two clear parts. 

The first covers practical tips, exercises, and performance advice for the guitar. With a skilled guitarist such as Tom, you’ll gain a lot from these videos. Even better, he has a great way of explaining concepts and engaging the learner, something many high-level pros struggle with when it comes to teaching. 

The second section covers songwriting. It strikes a solid balance between discussing the artful side of composing and the needed knowledge of how songs are built, including chords, harmonic progression, form, style, and more. 

The proof is in the pudding, they say. You may not want to take a music teacher’s word for it. How do students of different levels do with this program? 

Well, my students love it. The guitar section of the lesson may not be for complete beginners, but anyone who holds the guitar comfortably and plays many basic chords will enjoy this part. Everyone will enjoy the songwriting part. Tom does such a great job breaking it down; you don’t need any experience to learn a ton from it. 

Check out Masterclass with Tom Morello.

Masterclass is a subscription program, but you don’t need to pay for the whole year (although you’ll save a ton by doing so). It’s greatest strength: the massive amounts of learning to do there. Joining will let you access Tom Morello’s program, sure, but you’ll also gain access to thousands of courses, many of them on music and every single one with experts in their fields. 

Check it out for a single month, and you’ll be hooked for a long time! 

Master Songwriting And Guitar (Without Killing Yourself With Frustration!)
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Master Songwriting And Guitar (Without Killing Yourself With Frustration!)