Infinity Reference 9630CX review – Is This a Good Speaker?

Infinity Reference 9630CX review – Is This a Good Speaker?

When you buy a car, it rarely comes with decent speakers. New cars often come with factory speakers that blow if turned up too loud, especially with any music that has a lot of bass. Used cars often come with worn-out speakers that have lived past their prime. Thus, the journey to find new speakers begins. We understand that finding the best component 6×9 speakers for your car can be a daunting task. There are so many car speakers to choose from, and everyone seems to have a different recommendation.

Choosing the wrong 6×9 speakers can lead to a lot of headaches and disappointment. The anticipation of that first listen to your new speakers will be high and compounded by the time it takes to install the speakers.

We understand there is nothing more disappointing than a blown speaker or speakers that just don’t sound as good as you anticipated. After hours of testing different 6×9 speakers, I can tell you that the  Infinity Reference 9630CX 6x9 Component Speaker System will not disappoint.

The Infinity 6x9s are a full set of car speakers that includes two woofers, two tweeters, and two crossovers. Infinity is a well-recognized name in the speaker world and for good reason; founded in Los Angeles in 1968 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Infinity has been a leader in the production of audio applications for decades.

The Infinity Reference 9630CX review below details the facts that make these speakers a prime example of the quality products that Infinity produces consistently.

Infinity Reference 9630CX

Infinity Reference 9630CX 6"x9" Component Speaker System
  • Description: 6" x 9" (152mm x 230mm) component speaker system Power Handling: 125W RMS, 375W peak Sensitivity (@ 2.83V): 93dB Frequency Response: 46Hz - 21kHz Impedance: 3.0 ohms

What We Liked

  • Speakers don’t sound strained at all even when we cranked up the volume.
  • Improved audio output power (amp not needed).
  • For the quality of the speakers and sound, the price is very competitive.
  • The polypropylene speakers are covered by hi-roll rubber which increases the durability and lifespan of the speakers.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be difficult to install into door panels, depending on the vehicle.

Adjustable Tweeter Output Level

Most stock audio systems are not designed for high performance and lack power. The Infinity 6x9s feature an adjustable tweeter output level control that allows for customization according to listening preference.

This is a great feature considering some users report that these tweeters are too high-pitched. This feature also comes in handy because it allows for sound optimization to suit installation location.

Plus OneTM Woofer Cone Architecture

Having subpar speakers in your car really takes the joy out of listening to music. The Infinity 6x9s have patented Plus OneTM cones that provide a larger overall speaker-cone area than other comparable speakers which results in higher sensitivity, increased low-frequency output, and accurate music reproduction.

Optimized Frame Size

If you’ve ever installed new speakers in a car, you know that finding the right size speakers for your vehicle can be tough. You may also know that making speakers fit onto spaces they aren’t meant for can be nearly impossible.

The Infinity 6x9s are available in a wide array of sizes and features a compact design which means they fit just about any vehicle. This makes the task of installing new speakers so much less stressful since you know they are going to fit from the beginning.



Description 6”x9” (152mm x 230mm) component speaker system
Power Handling 125W RMS, 375W peak
Sensitivity (@2.83V) 93dB
Frequency Response 46Hz – 21kHz
Impedance 3.0 ohms

 What Customers Are Saying

After reading and analyzing all the reviews on the online retailers’ sites, it is very clear that the overall feedback for the Infinity 6x9s is excellent. Most customers give the product five out of five stars. For the price, the Infinity 6x9s seem to be one of the best sets of speakers on the market.

Customers love the fact that they can crank the volume up on these speakers and they still sound great. There are some complaints that the highs are too high, but this is a matter of preference.

Some users report wishing there was more bass as well, but this also is a matter of choice and can be achieved by adding a subwoofer to the vehicle; 6×9 component speakers are designed to provide an overall sound system, not pump out bass like woofers. Also, customers report that the mid-range accuracy is very good especially when compared to other models in this price range.

Many of the reviews we read stated that customers bought these speakers as an upgrade to their stock car speakers. Not surprisingly, most users report that the Infinity 6x9s are a significant improvement from their factory sound system.

It should also be noted that the  Infinity 6x9s fit in almost any vehicle. We could not find a report of these speakers not fitting in a car. There are a few mentions of customers having some trouble getting them to mount indoor panels, but no reports that the absolutely did not fit.

Overall, customers report that the mid-range accuracy is very good especially when compared to other models in this price range.

This YouTube video details some of the above-mentioned features:


When shopping for new car speakers, there are several important factors to consider: Quality, power handling, sensitivity, frequency, and size. The Infinity 6x9s are well rounded in all of these categories.

Quality has come to be expected from Infinity, and these speakers don’t disappoint. The  Infinity 6x9s handle power very well with specs of 125W RMS, 375W peak and as displayed by user reports of performance when turned up loud.

Sensitivity also ranks high for these speakers at 93dB. Frequency response is 46Hz – 21kHz and as reported, is so good that a few users say that the highs are too high. Also, as mentioned above, size is not an issue with these speakers.

So, overall the Infinity 6x9s are an excellent choice for a car speaker system. When compared to similar models in the same price range, these speakers rank near the top.

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