In-depth Review of Fender FA-345CE Auditorium by Expert Guitarist

When looking for a new guitar, you generally want to find a balance between quality sound, comfortable playing, and physical aesthetic. Depending on your tastes and preferences, different guitars will suit different people differently. As a lifelong musician myself, I can attest that even my own preferences have changed and evolved over the years. My ideal guitar 10 years ago would look very different than my ideal guitar now. 

In this article, we’re going to be talking about a guitar that tries to excel in all three of these categories—The Fender FA-345CE Auditorium Bodied Acoustic Guitar. This instrument has many interesting features that make it a unique find and an excellent choice for guitarists of all levels. 

If you know what features and style you’re looking for, great! If not, that’s okay too. This Fender FA-345CE Review will go a bit more in-depth about what this specific instrument has to offer, and how that could suit your personal needs.

New instruments aren’t cheap, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying before you buy it. We will discuss each of the guitar’s features and why they’re important, and it will give you the tools you need to decide if this guitar is the right one for you.

Highly Recommended
Great Balance of Sound Quality, Playing Comfort and Aesthetic
  • Lighter Than Most Guitars
  • The Lacewood and Glass Finish Make this Guitar Look Very Sleek and Unique
  • The Frets are Carefully Placed so that the Intonation is Very Precise
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Fender FA-345CE Auditorium Bodied Acoustic Guitar

The Fender FA-35CE Auditorium is an acoustic guitar put out by, of course, the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Fender is one of the top companies in the world for manufacturing guitars (electric and acoustic), amps, accessories, etc. With such a large selection available, they probably have something that would work for you, regardless of skill level and preferences.

You’ve probably heard of Fender before, and that’s because they’ve developed a huge reputation in the guitar community. They make quality instruments and sound equipment, and they have a lot of fans.

This specific instrument is an auditorium-style acoustic guitar (which we’ll discuss later on). It’s lightweight, resonant, attractive, and comfortable, which makes is great for musicians of all skill levels.

Also, in addition to having a lot of neat features, this guitar has very few drawbacks and complaints. Here’s the breakdown of the pros and cons:

What we Liked

  • Weighing in at only ten pounds, this guitar is lighter than most, which will make all the difference if you’re planning to transport your instrument often.
  • The lacewood and glass finish make this guitar look very sleek and unique.
  • The preamp on the side also allows you to control the bass and treble in the sound.
  • Alongside the plug-in, there is a built-in tuner.
  • It creates a responsive tone; the body is very resonant, which helps to create a powerful sound.
  • The frets are carefully placed so that the intonation is precise.

What we didn’t Like 

  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the strings on the guitar. Luckily, this is an easy fix, as strings can be replaced without too much trouble. Just make sure to take that extra cost and time into account when deciding upon a purchase.
  • This guitar isn’t the cheapest option that you’ll find out there. That being said, it’s certainly not the most expensive and is good value for the cost.

Auditorium body for more style and comfort

Most guitars have a dreadnought-shaped body. This is the most common type of guitar and is probably the type that you are most familiar with. They have a symmetrical body and are used with medium gauge strings. 

Grand auditorium guitars, on the other hand, are seen less often. Bigger on the bottom, smaller on the top, and a little asymmetrical, they tend to catch the eye just a bit more.

Many guitarists say that the type of body doesn’t really affect the sound too much—it’s more about style, so pick out a style that you like and that looks good on you. However, keep in mind that auditorium guitars also tend to be a bit more comfortable to play when seated.

Fishman preamp and tuner – Unique features!

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a “preamp,” basically it’s just a place for you to plug in your acoustic guitar to get a better sound when recording, or broadcasting over speakers. The vibrations are able to travel directly to the sound equipment, rather than having to first travel through the air. Fishman is a reputable company, so this should be a good preamp for your guitar.

The bonus on this preamp is that it also allows you to adjust the treble and bass, which is less common. This could be especially helpful if you’re planning to record your playing and want the sound just right. It’s quick to adjust and easy to use.

Right alongside the preamp is also a built-in tuner. This can be very useful, as you never have to worry about bringing an extra gadget, and it’s always handy and ready to go. Most guitars don’t have a tuner attached, so don’t take this for granted.

Unique look, beautiful aesthetic

It’s no secret that Fender put a lot of work into the appearance of this guitar. Aside from the auditorium-style body, they made a lot of unique choices that make this guitar both sound and look great. Between the lacewood back and sides, the mahogany neck, the flame maple top, the Viking bridge, and more, this guitar really stands out in a crowd.

If you care more about sound and price than you do looks, this guitar may not be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a unique aesthetic that is sure to draw attention, then this is an excellent choice.


Weight10 pounds
Dimensions46 x 17.9 x 6.5 inches
Body material typeLacewood
Neck material typeNato

What the Customer Are Saying?

After reading countless reviews, I was impressed by how few complaints I could find. Several customers were unsatisfied with the quality of the strings that came with the instrument. However, seeing as how those are replaced quite easily, that shouldn’t be a large concern for potential buyers. 

Overall, customers loved the sound, the feel, and the look of the instrument. It’s also a fair price for the quality, especially with how many cool features it has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the specifics of the instrument and hearing what it sounds like when played, check out this YouTube video:


This guitar is great for those who want to purchase a unique instrument without sacrificing quality sound or comfortability. Although not the cheapest option, this guitar provides a balance between each of these categories that leaves its customers satisfied with their purchase (although do be prepared to purchase new strings if you really want quality sound).

Highly Recommended
Great Balance of Sound Quality, Playing Comfort and Aesthetic
  • Lighter Than Most Guitars
  • The Lacewood and Glass Finish Make this Guitar Look Very Sleek and Unique
  • The Frets are Carefully Placed so that the Intonation is Very Precise
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In-depth Review of Fender FA-345CE Auditorium by Expert Guitarist