How to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones-All JBL Models Included

JBL offers a wide range of Bluetooth headphones, all of which boast different features and options. There’s a pair for every price range, from casual listeners to studio professionals. Plus, they all carry JBL’s amazing audio drivers for great sound. 

However, Bluetooth headphones sometimes just don’t work right. If you’ve experienced connection or sound issues, resetting your headphones can be the first step to fixing the issue. 

In my years as an audiophile, I’ve dealt with a lot of Bluetooth headphone resets. Most of the time, the issue I’m having clears up right away. As it stands, JBL has some of the simplest resetting procedures I’ve seen. 

Follow the tips below to learn how to reset your headphones and get them working like new again.

Why Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

You may be asking what the benefits are of resetting your Bluetooth headphones. What does it change?

Resetting your Bluetooth headphones can solve quite a few Bluetooth issues. These include dropped signals, failure to connect, and frequent disconnects. Sometimes, all it takes is resetting the Bluetooth connection to get your headphones to work properly again. 

Resetting your Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t change any of your settings. However, it allows you to pair your Bluetooth headphones to your device like it’s the first time. This should clear the connection and give you a better pair, as well as fixing some performance issues.

How to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones

Each model of JBL Bluetooth headphones has a different reset method. However, there is one thing you should do before resetting your headphones. 

First, go into your Bluetooth settings menu on your device. Disconnect your JBL headphones from your device. Next, turn your Bluetooth off completely. After the reset, you can turn it back on. This helps give your devices a new, clean connection and can fix a lot of issues. 

Find your JBL headphone model below and follow the instructions to complete your reset.

How to Reset the JBL Tune Series

The JBL Tune Series boasts an extremely long battery life, great sound quality, and more. There are Bluetooth headphones in this collection for just about any price range. Some even have active noise cancellation!

This guide will help you reset the following models:

  • JBL Tune 500BT
  • JBL Tune 510BT
  • JBL Tune 660BTNC
  • JBL Tune 205BT
  • JBL Tune 600BTNC
  • JBL Tune 750BTNC

However, the Tune series still falls prey to some common pairing issues among JBL Bluetooth headphones. To reset them, take the following steps. 

  1. Make sure that the headphones are turned on, and that the Bluetooth is turned off on your devices. To do this, go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your device. 
  2. Press and hold the ‘Volume +’ and ‘Volume –‘ buttons until the LED indicator light begins to blink.  This should be about 15 seconds. 
  3. Once the LED light begins to blink, the pairing settings have been reset.  
  4. Now, turn the Bluetooth on your device on again. Re-pair your Bluetooth headphones to the device as if you were doing it for the first time.

How to Reset the JBL Live Series

JBL’s Live series is an updated and expanded version of their Tune headphones. These models offer quick charging features, days-long battery life, and TalkThru Technology. While they are more expensive than the JBL Tune, you get more helpful features for everyday wear.

This guide will help you reset the following models:

  • JBL Live 400BT
  • JBL Live 650BTNC
  • JBL Live 500BT
  • JBL Live 460NC
  • JBL Live 660NC
  • Other JBL Live models

Resetting the JBL Live series is simple. Just take the following steps:

  1. Turn the headphones on. Make sure that they are disconnected from your phone. You should also turn off the Bluetooth on your phone or device. You can do this via the Bluetooth settings menu. 
  2. Press and hold the ‘Volume +’ and ‘Volume –‘ buttons for about 5 seconds.
  3. The LED indicator light will begin to blink. This means that the Bluetooth pairing settings have been reset. 
  4. Now, you can turn Bluetooth on for your device. Pair your JBL Live headphones to your device like you did when they were new.

How to Reset JBL Everest Series

The JBL Everest Series are large and in charge! At release, they were top of the line. However, they have since been eclipsed by JBL’s other headphone offerings. If you still have a pair, you can still reset them!

This guide works for all JBL Everest Series models, including:

  • JBL Everest 310GA
  • JBL Everest ELITE 750NC

To reset your JBL Everest series headphones, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your headphones are turned off. You should also disconnect the headphones from the Bluetooth settings menu on your device. While you’re here, be sure to turn your Bluetooth off. 
  2. Now, press and hold the power button on your headphones. Hold for about 7 seconds. This works for both Everest and Everest ELITE models.
  3. The LED will begin to blink, indicating that you can pair your headphones again. 
  4. Turn your Bluetooth on again. Pair the headphones just like you did the first time.

How to Reset JBL JR 300BT Headphones

The JBL JR 300BT headphones are part of a unique line of kids’ Bluetooth headphones. They’re more durable, come in brighter colors, and are made for small ears. 

To reset these headphones, follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure that the headphones are turned on. Disconnect the headphones from the device and turn Bluetooth off in the device settings. 
  2. Plug the JBL JR 300 BT Headphones into their USB charger. The LED should be solid white. 
  3. Unplug the USB cable, turning the headphones off. 
  4. Manually turn the headphones on, and they should enter pairing mode. The LED will blink blue after about 5 seconds. 
  5. At this point, you can turn Bluetooth on in your device settings and re-pair the headphones. 


JBL makes great headphones with quality sound. However, Bluetooth issues can occur even in the most advanced technology. Resetting the headphones may solve connection and sound issues, so do this before you take your headphones in for repair – or worse, replace them!

How to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones-All JBL Models Included
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How to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones-All JBL Models Included