Playing Guitar Made Easy: Read This!

You work too hard. You deserve a break. Even with guitar practicing, there are some things I bet you’re working too hard on. Wait, what do you mean by that?

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So what do I mean by taking a break? Does this mean I want you to stop practicing? Of course not.

Consistent practice over time is one of the keys to getting better. I want you to look at the things you’re doing related to guitar and think about what you don’t need to do. If teaching students and playing guitar for over 20 years has taught me anything, it’s that many of you kept trying to figure things out on your own rather than follow an expert’s plan (even though I advised you do exactly that).

I’m not mad; I’m disappointed.

I’m just kidding. Everyone does it, even me. It’s just what we do. But you don’t have to work so hard at planning and figuring things out. Trust those who’ve come before you and learn from them. But I get it; it’s hard to spend extra money when there are so many free resources out there. Here’s the catch:

A random effort and plan may actually slow down your guitar progress. 

I love some of the guitar YouTube channels, and they have great videos and lessons. But they aren’t meant to provide well-rounded instruction. Some teachers emphasize one style of guitar or one technique. Students who follow this “method” will miss out on important basics.

I’ll share a story that demonstrates this. Once I had a teenage student come in to take lessons with me. He had followed and learned from one of the YouTube guitar teachers by just learning songs he enjoyed. This kid could play great country rhythm guitar and even did decently at lead playing.

But when it came time to talk about the pentatonic scale and improvising melodies and such, he was completely lost. I showed him how he was already doing some of this based on what he has learned in songs, but it didn’t connect. The videos missed this important piece of knowledge.

A plan is a must, and it makes your life easier, my friends. You need to follow a well-thought-out plan like those on JamPlay. They design their courses to cover everything you need and make you an awesome player.

But I hear you; it’s hard to commit money to something you’re not sure about (even if it’s much cheaper than private lessons). You should check out their FREE course on YouTube called:

Guitar 101: 10 Week Course.

This video course will give you a great idea of how they work and the high quality of lessons JamPlay puts out.


Playing Guitar Made Easy

Playing Guitar Made Easy: Read This!
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Playing Guitar Made Easy: Read This!