How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote – Solutions

Losing your remote doesn’t mean that your TV is useless. There are a ton of alternative options for controlling your TV, especially when it’s important that your TV is connected to WiFi. After all, most modern TVs need an internet connection to access all your favorite streaming services and apps. 

Even though Vizio TVs are extremely reliant on their remotes, it’s not difficult to connect your TV to Home WiFi without it. Vizio TVs can be tricky, but it’s easier than ever to get them connected to your home internet network without the original remote. 

Below, we’ll explain how to connect Vizio TV to your home network (or WiFi) without the remote so you can continue to enjoy Vizio’s top-notch quality! 

Connecting Vizio TV to Home WiFi Without Remote

Usually, your Vizio television’s remote is the best way to connect it to WiFi. The Vizio Remote allows you to use a lot of different key features, and this is just one of them. However, your Vizio television can still function without it. If you can’t get a replacement right now, try one of these three methods of connecting your Vizio brand TV to your home WiFi network without your remote. 

Connecting Vizio TV to Home WiFi Using a Cat5 or Ethernet Cord

An ethernet or cat5 cord is the easiest and fastest way to connect your Vizio television to your home internet. A wired connection through an ethernet cord doesn’t use WiFi (which is wireless), but it’s an easy way to get your TV connected to your home WiFi. Plus, using an ethernet cord may increase your internet speed. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure that your TV has an ethernet port. It’s a square port that looks like a large telephone jack. If your Vizio television has an ethernet port, you can find it on the back panel of the TV. This is the same area as your TV’s other connections. 
  2. Check to see if your TV has physical buttons that will help you navigate the menus. These buttons may be located on the side, back, or bottom of your Vizio television. If your Vizio television does not have these physical buttons, this method may not work.
  3. Once you have verified that your Vizio television has an ethernet port and physical menu buttons, it’s time to find an ethernet cord. You’ll want a cord that is long enough to stretch between your TV and your internet router. It’s best if you choose a cord that is long enough to have some slack. 
  4. First, plug either end of the ethernet cord into the ethernet port on your TV. 
  5. Next, plug the free end of the ethernet cord into one of the ethernet ports on your internet router. This port should look just like the one on your TV. 
  6. Power on your Vizio television by pressing the power button. This may be found on the back panel or on the side panel of your Vizio television. 
  7. Press the menu button on your Vizio television. This should bring you to the menu screen. 
  8. Choose the ‘Home Network’ option. 
  9. There will be an option for your connection type on this screen. Choose ‘Wired Network’. 

Once you’ve taken these steps, your Vizio television will be connected to your home network via ethernet cord. 

Connecting Vizio TV to Home WiFi Using Universal Remote

Connecting Vizio TV to Home WiFi Using Universal Remote

Thankfully, universal remotes can help you control your Vizio television even without your original remote. A universal remote is inexpensive and allows you to access the same features as your Vizio television remote. If you are unable to purchase another Vizio TV remote, this is a great alternative. 

First, you’ll need to find a universal remote that will work with your Vizio television. The benefit of one of these remotes is that it will work with most TVs. If you aren’t sure, you can always look up whether the universal remote you purchase will work with your Vizio television. 

Once you’re sure that the universal remote you’ve chosen is compatible, take the following steps to pair it with your Vizio television. 

  1. Make sure your TV is turned on using the manual power button on the control panel. This is located on the sides, back, or front of your TV. 
  2. Press and hold the ‘TV’ button on your universal remote. Keep holding it for 5 seconds, or until the LED on your remote begins blinking. 
  3. Find the code for your TV. Each TV brand has a series of codes that connect the remote to the television. These are usually included in the manual or booklet for the universal remote. The following codes work to pair most universal remotes and Vizio TV models. 
    • 10120
    • 10864
    • 10885
    • 10178
    • 10117
    • 11756
    • 11758
    • 01377
  4. Input the code on your remote control using the number buttons. 
  5. Press the ‘Power’ button on the remote a few seconds after entering the code. If the remote is paired correctly, the TV will turn off. 
  6. If the remote is not paired, continue this process with each code in the list above. One of them will likely work to connect your Vizio television and universal remote. 

Now that your universal remote has been paired with your Vizio television, you can use it to connect to the WiFi. The following steps will walk you through this process. 

  1. Make sure that the TV is turned on, and the remote is working properly. 
  2. Find and press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote. It may be challenging to find based on the type of remote you have. If you’re having trouble finding the button, refer to the universal remote’s user manual. 
  3. Find the ‘Network’ option on the menu screen. 
  4. At this point, your Vizio television will scan for wireless networks. As long as your router is powered on and transmitting a signal, your Vizio television should be picking up your network. 
  5. Choose your network from the list of available connections. 
  6. Enter your WiFi password. This is the same password you use to connect phones, computers, and other devices to your network. 

After these steps, your Vizio television should be connected to WiFi. As a bonus, you’ll be able to control your TV with the universal remote. 

Connecting Vizio TV to Home WiFi Using Vizio SmartCast

Vizio SmartCast is an app that can help you control your Vizio television with your smartphone. However, both your smartphone and your Vizio television need to be connected to the same WiFi connection first. If you are trying to get your Vizio television connected to WiFi for the first time, this method won’t work for you. 

If you’re trying to change settings or control other aspects of your Vizio television, using the Vizio SmartCast app might be a great alternative to your lost remote. 

If your TV is already connected to WiFi, follow these steps to control your TV with your smartphone. 

  1. Install the Vizio SmartCast app from the Google Play store (for Android phones) or the App Store (for Apple phones).
  2. Once installed, open the app. Find the control button near the bottom of the app’s home screen and tap it. 
  3. In the upper right corner, your available devices should be listed. Choose your Vizio television from here. 
  4. Once connected, you’ll be able to use your app just like your Vizio television remote. It will work to access all the features and change settings just like your original remote. 

If you are unable (or unwilling) to purchase a new remote and your TV already has WiFi, this can be a good alternative. 


It’s easier than you might think to connect your Vizio television to WiFi without the remote. No matter what happened to the original remote, these options can help you control your Vizio television without it. Using an ethernet cord is the easiest fix, but a universal remote can work in a pinch. If your TV is already connected to WiFi, try controlling it via the Vizio SmartCast app.

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How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote - Solutions
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How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote - Solutions