How to Connect Onn Soundbar to TV – Step by Step Instructions

The Onn Soundbar is a perfect addition to your TV, and it has everything that you need in order to get the best sound. The setup process is easy and there are various ways that you can connect it to your TV depending on what equipment you have already. This blog post will teach you how to do just that!

As you will see, the following step-by-step instructions are much simpler than you think, even if you are not a techie. 

1. Make the Right Connections 

First, you will need to find an HDMI input labeled ARC on your TV. This stands for audio return channel, which means all of the sounds from your TV will go through your soundbar. If you do not have an HDMI input labeled ARC, then use the included optical cable along with the HDMI cable.

One end of the HDMI cable goes into the HDMI ARC input on your TV and the other goes into your smart soundbar. Notice which HDMI input you choose so that when you are setting up on your TV it is set to this same input.

Plug the optical cable into whichever port is labeled “Optical” or “Digital Audio”. If you have an HDMI input that says “ARC”, you do not need to use the optical cable. Turn on your TV and make sure you enable CEC. This setting will let you control your TV by using the Roku remote or adjust the soundbar volume with your TV’s remote.

TV manufacturers give different names for the setting. You should check your owner’s manual or visit if you have a Roku TV.

TV manufacturers

If you have a Roku TV, this setting will turn on automatically during your setup. Now that you’ve enabled CEC, let’s get your smart soundbar set up on the TV remote. You’ll look for a button that says Input or Source or something similar and then make sure that the same HDMI input is toggled as the one you use to connect your smart soundbar. This won’t show anything on the screen yet. 

TV remote

Step 2: Powering Up the Roku smart soundbar and the remote

In order to do this, Plug a power cable into a wall outlet and the other end of the power cable into your soundbar. After this, you should see the Roku logo on your screen.

If this is not happening, make sure that you have selected the correct input on your TV. Next, put batteries into your remote and make sure they are seated well and positioned correctly. Finally, select your language and we will connect to your network.

Step 3: Connecting Onn soundbar to your network

Choose your wireless network, and enter the password. Password is case-sensitive. If all the checks are green, you’re good to go.

Connecting Onn soundbar to your network

If a red X appears on the image, go to and look for “I am unable to connect to my wireless network”.

Your smart soundbar will get the latest software when you download it. You can do this whenever you want. This way, when there are new channel updates, your soundbar will have them too.

After your soundbar downloads the latest software, it will prompt you to set the display type. Press OK on your remote and your soundbar will automatically determine the best resolution for your TV.

If your screen is displaying correctly, then select YES. Otherwise, try changing the resolution. You might see this message if your TV doesn’t have ARC or if your CEC has not been enabled.

Enable CEC in the TV settings. If your TV doesn’t have ARC, select “my TV doesn’t support ARC” to skip this step and use the optical input. Next, you’ll see the activation screen.

Step 4: Activating your Onn soundbar

Follow the on-screen prompts to create and activate your Roku account. If you already have a Roku account, just sign in. Add some of your favorite channels now so that they will be ready to stream on your TV.

You can always add more later by clicking “Add Channel” and removing any channels you no longer want by clicking “Remove Channel” below your selected channels. This process should take just a few moments and now you’re all set and ready to stream!

Make sure to check out our Roku audio tutorials for how to change your sound settings and stream via Bluetooth. You can also use voice commands for music, and more. 

Here you go. These were some easy-to-follow steps to connect your Onn soundbar to TV. Enjoy!

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How to Connect Onn Soundbar to TV - Step by Step Instructions
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How to Connect Onn Soundbar to TV - Step by Step Instructions