How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV: Step By Step Instructions

JBL Soundbars are great, but for some, they may be tough to set up. 

I’m here to help with this guide on how to connect the JBL Soundbar to a TV through all the different methods. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV With HDMI

HDMI or HDMI ARC is the best method for connecting your Soundbar to your TV. 

Not only is it the easiest of the methods, but it also provides the best sound quality and response. 

Connecting is simple, but you need to first make sure your TV has an HDMI port and, specifically, an HDMI ARC port. 

Most modern TVs do, but you’ll still need to check. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps needed: 

  1. Power on the Soundbar and the TV. 
  2. Connect the HDMI cord to the HDMI ARC on the TV and the HDMI port on the JBL Soundbar. (Many TVs will automatically set up the Soundbar, so this may be your last step!). 
  3. Go to your TV settings and find the sound settings (it may be under advanced settings). Make sure the output is set to the Soundbar. 
  4. Follow the directions specific to your JBL model to make sure it’s using the HDMI function or input. This is typically automatic, but you may need to manually switch it on some older models. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV with Bluetooth

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an easy option for connecting the Soundbar to the TV, but it doesn’t provide the best quality. Still, if you find yourself switching sound sources (TV, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), the Bluetooth connection may be best for you. 

Follow these simple steps to hook it up: 

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on your JBL remote. This starts the pairing process. 
  2. On your TV, navigate to the Bluetooth setting and search for the JBL device. 
  3. Select it to begin pairing. 
  4. In some cases, the JBL may ask for a PIN code. Use “0000” as the PIN for a connection. 

Note: Make sure your TV has the ability to connect via Bluetooth first! 

Warning! Too many other Bluetooth devices nearby may interfere with your Soundbar’s signal. This is what often causes a Bluetooth connection to cut in and out. 

If this happens to you often, turn off Bluetooth on all the devices nearby and see if the connection stabilizes. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV With Optical Cable

Optical cable connections work well and similarly to the HDMI ARC connection. 

It’s not as quality, but almost all TVs will have the optical cable port while only some have the HDMI ARC one. 

Connecting JBL Soundbar to the TV via optical cable is similar to the HDMI process: 

  1. Use the remote for the JBL to select an optical connection as needed. 
  2. Connect the JBL to the TV via optical audio ports. 
  3. Go into your TV setting and make sure the sound out is set to go through the optical connection. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV Without HDMI ARC

When your TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC connection, it’s not the end of the world. 

Most folks won’t even notice the quality reduction from HDMI down to optical or Bluetooth. 

If you don’t have an HDMI ARC option, you need to explore the Bluetooth or optical connections I described above.

Of the two, I prefer optical. The quality is a little better than Bluetooth, and you don’t have to worry about your connection cutting in and out. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV With AUX Cable

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV With AUX Cable

The AUX or analog cable is another option for connecting your JBL Soundbar. 

If your TV has an AUX or analog port and NOT an HDMI or optical, I’d be shocked. If it does have those, use HDMI or optical instead. 

This connection is mostly for use with other sound devices, such as stereos, microphones, guitars, and electronic instruments. 

But if you want to know how you’d do it, here are the steps: 

  1. Connect the AUX cable to the port on the JBL and your TV. 
  2. Press SOURCE on your JBL remote until the AUX option comes up. 
  3. Go into your advanced settings on the TV and try to send the sound out through the AUX channel. 

Note: The JBL Soundbar is only set up for a 3.5mm cable, so if you have another type of connection, you’ll need an adapter. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV with Remote

One of the most frustrating aspects of using Soundbars, in general, are the multiple remotes you end up with. Why can’t we just have one for everything? 

Well, some of the most common features on a JBL Soundbar can be programmed into most universal TV remotes. 

This doesn’t eliminate the need for the JBL remote, but it does limit how much you need to always use it. 

Basically, many TV remotes can be paired and allow you to control the: 

  • Power
  • Mute
  • Volume up
  • Volume down

This is all you need for normal usage. 

The steps involved are a little tricky, so read carefully (and search up the manual for your TV remotes while you’re at it; it’ll help too): 

  1. Get your TV remote ready and sit 1-3 feet away from the JBL Soundbar, facing it directly. 
  2. Turn the soundbar on. 
  3. On the soundbar, hold the Surround button until the LED starts flashing. It’s now in learning mode. 
  4. Press the button you want to program with the TV remote.

              a. Power

              b. Volume up

              c. Volume down

              d. Mute (press Vol. up and down at the same time)

      5. Point the TV remote at the soundbar and press the button on the top panel of the Soundbar. Repeat this slowly until the LED on the Soundbar flashes white. It should now have “learned” the TV remote. 

     6. Repeat 4 & 5 with all desired functions. 

     7. When done, press and hold the surround button again until the LED stops blinking. 

Note: Not all JBLs have the Surround button. Use their specific manual (do a quick search) for how to enter “learning mode.” 

Most TVs use all of the same steps for connecting, but there are some cases where specific TVs might need an extra step or two. 

In this section, we’ll cover the common TVs and issues you may encounter. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to Samsung TV

Samsung TVs are great at connecting simply to Soundbars. The only tricky part is the sound settings. 

Search up your specific Samsung model and read up on how to select the proper sound-out settings. 

To be honest, though, they usually just find and connect automatically. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to LG TV

LG TVs are also designed for Soundbar accessibility, but they prefer the LG Soundbar. 

The TV settings may “give you a hard time” about it, but just follow the normal steps and look for the correct devices in the Sound output settings. 

Go into the advanced settings to find this. 

Note: Using an LG Soundbar with an LG TV is preferred because it offers advanced features. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to Hisense TV

Hisense TVs have all the same features as any other TV, but it depends on the specific model for how you connect it. 

Here’s a quick table offering some tips: 

Connection MethodTips
BluetoothThe same method with the JBL, but go to Networks→Bluetooth→Accessories→Add Accessory on the TV end.
HDMI ARC (eARC)Simply connect, and it should do the job automatically
Optical cableConnect and go into sound settings. Select output through the optical connection.

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to Vizio TV

Vizio TVs are just like any other, but the tricky part is finding the audio settings. 

Go to these menus:

  1. CEC Settings
  2. Audio Control

Enable, allow, and select the JBL system or proper channel. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to Sony TV

Sony TVs are super easy to use as they’re designed to be universal with almost any device. 

The audio settings are clearly labeled, and they often have all the ports needed, including HDMI, HDMI ARC, optical, analog, Bluetooth, and even Wifi. 

The only tough thing is that you sometimes have to manually select TV as a function on your Soundbar. It doesn’t always recognize it on this end. 

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to TCL TV

How To Connect JBL Soundbar to TCL TV

For physical connections (HDMI, optical, AUX/analog), the steps described above work just fine. 

For Bluetooth, there is another order to consider: 

  1. Press Home. 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Remote and Accessories. 
  4. Select Add Accessory. 

Don’t forget to set your JBL in pairing mode first! 

How To Connect JBL 2.0/2.1 Soundbar To TV

Connecting with this model is as easy as described above. 

The main problem with this model comes in terms of power. 

The cord will often get loose in the port, or something may break inside the port. 

Try unplugging and plugging the JBL back in. 

If this breaks, contact JBL or a local tech store for repairs, though it’s probably better to just upgrade to a newer model. 

How To Connect JBL 3.1 Soundbar To TV

The 3.1 model connects just fine with physical connections, though it struggles with Bluetooth a little more. 

Users report it cuts out or suffers latency (delays) more often. 

Make sure there isn’t a lot of Bluetooth traffic in the room and place the Soundbar closer to the TV. 

How To Connect JBL 5.1 Soundbar To TV

This model features two surround sound speakers. They don’t usually have a problem connecting to the main unit (which then connects to the TV). 

But the smaller speakers are notorious for charging slowly or not at all. 

Checking that the power cord is in well is key. Power cycling (unplugging and plugging back in) is your friend with this model. 

How To Connect JBL 9.1 Soundbar To TV

Connecting to a TV often isn’t the issue with this one either; it’s charging the smaller speakers. 

The 9.1 fixes a lot of the issues of the 5.1, but people still forget how to charge the speakers correctly. 

The Soundbar must be turned OFF when the speakers are connected in order to charge. It seems like it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does. If you leave your Soundbar on, the smaller speaker WILL NOT charge.

How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV: Step By Step Instructions
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How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV: Step By Step Instructions