Fender CD-60S Review: Awesome Sound for the Price

Finding a good, affordable guitar can be hard, especially with so many options available. If you’re unfamiliar with guitars and how to find one that suits your needs, obtaining a proper instrument can seem nearly impossible.

I’ve been playing the guitar for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to try out many different instruments. Each had its own unique characteristics in feel and sound, which is very important to consider before making a purchase. A decent guitar isn’t cheap, so it’s essential to make the right decision the first time.

In this article, I’d like to discuss Fender CD-60S. Cheaper than most options, this is an excellent choice to be considered by beginners and intermediate players alike. This Fender CD-60S review will provide an in-depth view of many features to give you an overall sense of the instrument. It will not only help you to assess this specific instrument, but it also serves as a foundation with which to judge other guitars.

Fender CD-60S Review

The Fender CD-60s is an acoustic dreadnought guitar made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The previous model of this instrument (The Fender CD-60) is considered a best-selling guitar for beginning guitarists. This new model features a spruce wood top, which creates a more active and full sound.

Fender is perhaps the most popular guitar company, especially amongst beginners, it seems. I learned to play guitar on a Fender instrument, as have many, many others before me. Reputable and generally very affordable, Fender does a great job in delivering quality products.

The reviews of the company speak for themselves; people are overall very satisfied with the company and their products. However, it’s still important to examine each specific model and what they offer to see if it’s right for you. Let’s look at the features on the Fender CD-60S.

What we Liked

  • Both the bridge and the six tuners are designed to help the instrument stay in tune for long periods. Customers also say that the pegs are easy to turn to adjust the tuning as necessary.
  • The fretboard has a 12-inch radius and has slightly rounded fingerboard edges. These features add to the comfortability of the instrument and allow for more flexible, easy, fluid action with the left hand.
  • There are two strap buttons on the instrument, so there’s no need to tie a guitar strap around the head.
  • The mahogany finish helps to create a full and balanced sound, serves to help protect the guitar against ugly dents and scratches, and gives it a professional and unique look suitable for any setting.

What we didn’t Like

  • It is very difficult to find a guitar with an excellent tone at this price level. Although customers have said that the sound of this instrument is very good for the price if you want something exceptional you will have to pay quite a bit more.
  • The instrument is advertised as having “no frills” and being great for beginners and intermediate players. That being said, if you are an advanced guitarist, it may be more beneficial for you to search elsewhere.


As mentioned before, the features are what make or break an instrument, and different musicians value different things. It’s important to find what would be best for you and your skill level. Let’s look a little closer at a couple of the features of the Fender CD-60S.

Dreadnought Body Style

You may have noticed earlier that the Fender CD-60S is a “dreadnought guitar,” but many people don’t know what that actually means. Dreadnought is a style of guitar created in 1916 and has become the most common type of acoustic guitar body today.

The main difference is that the body is much larger than other guitars, causing the neck to be attached at a different place and the shoulders and bottom of the instrument to be a slightly different shape. This affects the sound of the guitar, causing the vibrations to be richer and more resonant, really cutting through to make a bold sound.

Comfortable neck

Fender advertises this guitar as being especially easy to play due to the slightly rolled fingerboard edges. Customers have backed this claim in their reviews saying that the frets are easy to navigate and that bar chords especially become much more comfortable.

This is a huge plus for beginner or intermediate players, as they will be dealing with many unfamiliar handshapes that most new players initially find uncomfortable. The rounded edges will provide a slight aid in learning new chords and transitioning between them. More advanced players can also use this to their advantage, and will likely find switching between tricky chords much easier.

Excellent sound for the price

I spent a long time reading through reviews for this instrument, and I quickly noticed a pattern. Nearly every review mentioned that the sound was better than expected based on the price of the guitar.

Although there were some mentions that certain aspects of the sound could be better (it could always be better, right?), they would immediately mention afterwards that one would have to pay quite a bit more money to find an instrument with a better sound. Fender accomplished their goal in this instrument; they’ve somehow created a high-quality instrument at a mid/low-budget price.


Year released 2019
Dimensions 43 x 19.2 x 6.5 inches
Fingerboard radius 12 inches
Neck length 25.5 inches

What the Customer Are Saying

As already discussed, customers are an overall advocate for this instrument. According to several reviews I found, a better sound would require a much higher price point.

The tuning is easy and reliable, and the instrument itself is sturdy. It’s affordable, produces good sound, and is cosmetically pleasing as well. What more could you ask for?

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the specifics of the features or hearing the instrument be played, here is a link to an excellent source on YouTube:

Various Bundles

If you are looking at buying your first guitar, I would suggest looking into buying a bundle. Companies will often offer many products together for a discounted price overall.

Bundles might include things such as a case, straps, spare strings, instructional courses, and more. Some items are necessary and would require an extra purchase anyway, so it’s a good idea to look around for a bundle with items that you need or want. Sometimes you can snag a really good deal.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:

What to Do Now

If any of this sparked your interest, I would definitely recommend putting the Fender CD-60S on your list of potential instruments. This instrument is of great quality for the price and has one of the most comfortable feels.

Beginners and intermediate players should especially keep in mind the features of this instrument, although it has the potential to be beneficial to all skill levels and playing styles. Imagine how quickly you can progress without spending all that extra time getting comfortable with tricky chords. Or how much better your current playing level will sound on an instrument with such a full and rich sound.

If you decide this instrument isn’t for you, no worries! There are plenty of other excellent options out there to suit your needs. I would recommend checking out a Yamaha dreadnaught to compare. Here is the link to one to get you started (it’s also a little cheaper):

Good luck with your search and your future music-making!

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