Discover The Guitar And Song writing Secrets From Tom Morello

In this article I will explain to you the guitar course by Tom Morello and why I think it’s so good.

Check out Tom Morello on Masterclass.

What Is Masterclass?

Masterclass is a relatively new platform taking the world by storm. They reach out to amazing artists and experts, such as Tom Morello, and pay them to create a masterclass course. Then, you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access the courses at your leisure. Essentially, they put in touch with experts you’d never be able to access normally.

As a masterclass format, the courses aren’t meant to be 100% classes on everything about the topic. For example, this Tom Morello class isn’t going to teach you everything you could possibly want to know about the guitar.

But instead, it covers a specific topic really well and offers insider tips from high-level professionals. This is something most online courses can’t do. They use experts, but not at the highest level.

What Does Tom Morello’s Course Cover?

Tom Morello covers two things in detail: guitar technique and songwriting. This is something he’s a master in. He’s best known for his work with Rage Against The Machine, but he was also a member of Audioslave and the supergroup of top-level rock musicians, Prophets of Rage.

In this course, you’re given many video lessons of Tom playing and teaching the guitar. He does an excellent job of covering practical guitar basics and exercises. These are things he uses in his own practice. On top of this, he also offers specific tips for performing with guitar and playing with others.

Then, he also offers resources and lessons on songwriting. He goes into detail on how songs are built and gives practical exercises to use in your songwriting right away. I learned a ton about songwriting I never knew before, and my students absolutely love this portion of the course.

How Will It Help Me Learn Guitar Better?

If a regular guitarist tells you to practice certain aspects of playing, you might try, and if you stick with it, you’ll improve. But if a pro like Tom tells you to do it and gives you the secret exercises he uses, you’ll be motivated to practice the same things and improve faster. There’s something to be said about motivation, and learning from an expert will do that to you.

In short, though, it helps you learn guitar with engaging videos and lessons and specific exercises to improve your technical skills.

Isn’t It Too Expensive?

Masterclass may seem pricey to you, considering its relatively high monthly and yearly fees. But when you compare to what you’d pay to get access to Tom normally, it’s a fraction of the price. Pros like this may do lessons and group masterclasses where you pay upwards of $200 for an hour lesson.

Wow! With Masterclass, you get a similar experience and access to hundreds of other courses for much less. (And there’s way more content than an hour lesson, too!).

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that Tom Morello on Masterclass is worth checking out. If the price commitment is a little too high for you, you can always join for a month and then cancel. But the amazing resources on guitar and songwriting he offers, combined with the hundreds of other courses on the platform, convince me you’ll enjoy it.

Check out Tom Morello on Masterclass.

What are you waiting for? Go make your life easier!

Discover The Guitar And Songwriting Secrets From Tom Morello
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Discover The Guitar And Songwriting Secrets From Tom Morello