Cheap Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar

Learning any musical instrument can get expensive fast. If you want a good instrument, you’ll often have to drop anywhere from a few hundred to multiple thousands of dollars. But a good guitar does not make an expert! You also need to find a way to learn the instrument. 

Unfortunately, the price of learning a guitar can get up there quickly if you want expert help in mastering this iconic instrument. Lucky for you, though, I’m cheap! I look for ways to save serious money while still learning from experts. One of the best ways to do this is through Masterclass’s online video courses, such as the one by guitar legend Carlos Santana

Check out Carlos Santana Masterclass on guitar and guitar performance. 

How does an online program that costs money actually save money? It’s a simple matter of investment. The best way to learn is to take lessons from experts in the field. But taking lessons costs quite a bit.

A “typical” guitar lesson teacher usually charges anywhere from $25 to $60 per hour for a private lesson. Even if you take a few weeks off, you’re looking at $1,125 per year invested in learning guitar for 45 hours of instruction. 

Serious professionals like Santana don’t teach private lessons, but they may do group lessons or masterclasses where you get a few hours of lessons. These can run for many hundreds of dollars for even fewer hours. 

But an online program like Masterclass always gives you unlimited access to the same material for a much lower price. Masterclass has an annual subscription of $180. Taken alone, this price may seem a lot to swallow, but when you compare it to what you’d pay otherwise, it’s much cheaper. Plus, you get access to all the other courses on Masterclass too, including other music and guitar ones. 

Do you really need to learn from an expert?

I guess you don’t unless you want to improve quickly. But if you want to elevate your playing, why wouldn’t you want to learn from legends? When you learn from a pro, you get some unique benefits you wouldn’t otherwise from a book or other video course: 

  • The pros are at the highest level. It’s tough to know when someone online or in a book is taking you for a ride. Just because they have a platform doesn’t mean they’re good. You don’t have to worry about this with Carlos Santana. 
  • You know what they’re teaching works. Some people will claim that their method is the best for learning guitar. When you learn from a pro like Santana, you know it will work for good guitar playing. I mean, he does have 10 Grammys, after all. 
  • It’s motivating. If you’ve never worked with a pro at the highest level, you won’t know what I’m talking about. But there’s something awe-inspiring about being in the presence (even virtual presence) of someone who is among the greats. It inspires you to stick with the guitar and get better. 

I was thrilled I saw Masterclass added this program with Carlos Satana. I will readily admit: I geeked out. Checking out the program myself, I know it’s worth the price, so I strongly encourage you to save a thousand or more dollars and invest in the program. 

Check out Masterclass with Carlos Satana.

Cheap Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar
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Cheap Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar