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Best Professional Trumpet for Jazz

Best Professional Trumpets for Jazz: Intermediate to Advanced Players

Imagine you’re heading into the local music store to look for the best professional trumpet you can buy for the money you would like to spend. You’re really excited because this is one of your major steps to becoming a quality musician and pursuing your dreams. But when you start pricing the horns, your heart starts to sink.

Professional trumpets cost a lot in the store.

But you don’t have to go to a music store and pay a marked-up price to get a good professional or Jazz trumpet. There are some really great brands out there you can find online if you only knew how.

Lucky for you, I can help you avoid the mistake of buying a poor professional trumpet from an online site by giving you the reviews on the best professional trumpets below. I combined my experience as a musician for 20 years and information I gathered from talking with trumpet professionals to create this list.

Here are the best professional trumpets:

  1. Yamaha YTR-6335 Series
  2. Bach Stradivarius 180S37
  3. Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet
  4. Jupiter Professional XO Series
  5. Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet
  6. Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet
  7. Tromba Pro Professional Plastic C Trumpet-silver
  8. E. SHIRES Doc Severinsen Destino III Bb Trumpet

Read on for more information including reviews, specifications, user experience, and explanations on what to look for.

Review Of The Best Professional Trumpets

1. Yamaha YTR-6335 Series

Yamaha YTR-6335 Series Bb Trumpet Silver
  • YTR-6335 Series Bb Trumpet Silver
  • The 6335 Series is a perfect professional instrument for the experienced player
  • The 6335 features a
  • 459 inch bore plus a one-piece 4
  • 8 inch yellow brass bell for superior response and tone

Paying more for this high-priced professional Yamaha trumpet should be expected because of its high quality. This trumpet’s great sound is produced through the material and hand-crafted design.

A more detailed look at the specs for this trumpet follows, but if you want a quick overview, you can look here:

  • Bb Key
  • Bell is one piece of yellow brass
  • Bell diameter: 123 mm
  • Bore size: 0.459”
  • Medium Weight
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • Gold Lacquer

When it comes to comparing trumpets, the key parts to look for are the material and size of the parts. For example, the YTR 6335’s bell is made from one solid piece of yellow brass. This provides a brighter and clear sound while still giving some stability to the construction.

This bell has a diameter of 123 mm which lands just above the average size for a bell. In general, the larger the bell the richer the sound but the harder it is to project.

The bore size of 0.459” works well with the bell design. This slightly smaller bore size is common with professional trumpet because the smaller size gives you more control and power in your playing. The downside is that new players may struggle with this, but if you’re looking for a professional horn, you should be able to handle it well.

The medium-weight body also allows for versatility and projection of sound. With a rose brass lead pipe and gold lacquer, the trumpet is also protected from grime and sweat.

You can also check out our review on Yamaha YTR-23xx series.

What we liked:

  • Balance of bore and bell size gives a powerful but mellow sound
  • Solid one-piece bell
  • Versatile sound for jazz or classical
  • Great company to work with
  • Durable construction

What we disliked:

  • Higher price
  • Doesn’t project as well in outdoor spaces

2. Bach Stradivarius 180S37

Bach Brass’ reputation for quality trumpets in well-known and the 180 Stradivarius series in their number one selling professional trumpet with good reason. Don’t let the higher price scare you off; this trumpet’s sound quality is hard to beat.

Read on for more details on the trumpet’s features, but here is a quick look at its specifications:

  • Bb Key
  • Solid yellow brass bell
  • #37 bell
  • .459” bore size
  • Yellow brass lead pipe
  • Medium weight
  • Monel pistons
  • 3rd valve slide rod stop

Like other professional trumpets, a solid yellow bell provides that bright, clear sound at the projection point. The one-piece construction is also quite durable and helps create a rich sound.

The #37 bell shape and size indicate that it’s hand-made and meant for the best combination of projection and mellow sound. Compared to other professional trumpets, this one tends to have a bit more edge and projection to its sound which may just be what you’re looking for if you’d like to play principal trumpet in a large ensemble.

With the 180 series, we see the standard 0.459” bore size. You get more control over the sound and an easier-to-access high range than larger bores. It does create more back pressure which may throw you off if you’re not prepared.

Bach makes this trumpet with a yellow brass lead pipe which helps protect the metal from corrosion, but it’s considered to be less effective at that job than rose brass. This trumpet has a medium weight which provides good resonance while still being handled easily.

The Monel alloy piston valves are one of the best features of the Bach Stradivarius 180 series. This alloy and design keep the space inside as tight as possible. This keeps the sound smooth across all pitches and valve combinations while also providing some great durability.


What we liked:

  • Smooth, rich sound
  • Projects well, great sound control
  • Monel pistons allow for consistent sound across all pitches
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile sound for classical or jazz playing

What we disliked:

  • No consistent complaints were found

3. Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

Getzen Trumpet - Standard (900S)
  • Classic design is exceptionally free blowing with excellent intonation
  • For working musicians and serious amateur players in a variety of music venues
  • Bore Size: . 460"
  • Slides: Hand lapped nickel silver
  • Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

The Getzen 900S Eterna trumpet is a professional sold by this reliable trumpet brand. The price is a bit higher, but if you’re looking for a dark, round sound this may be the trumpet for you.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • Bb key
  • Hand lapped nickle silver slides
  • 2-piece yellow brass bell
  • 460” bore size
  • 75” bell diameter
  • Silver plating finish

The hand-lapped nickle silver slides are one of the best features of this trumpet. The slides are often neglected in trumpet design. Most of the time, players don’t move their slides very often.

But at the professional level, the best players are always adjusting their slides to get the best intonation possible. The special slide materials ensure reliable function and protection from corrosion.

With a 2-piece bell, they may be sacrificing some resonance and durability, but the yellow brass bell does offset this a bit by providing a clear, bright sound. The 4.75” bell diameter is a little smaller than most professional trumpets, but this allows the player more control over their sound.

Another way Getzen compensates for the smaller bell size is by making the bore size at 0.460”. Though the difference may not seem huge in measurement (0.001” when compared to other models), the slightest enlargement allows for more projection.

The silver plating finish also provides some extra protection from moisture and sweat. Compared to the clear lacquer option (also available), the silver plating is believed by experts to have an enriching, mellowing sound to the trumpet.

What we liked:

  • Strong, round sound
  • Natural design of the valves are great
  • Versatility of sound matches a variety of playing settings
  • Great construction and durability

What we disliked:

  • Spit valves may be prone to breaking

4. Jupiter Professional XO Series

Jupiter Professional XO Series Bb Trumpet with Reverse Leadpipe 1602RS-R
  • cf-type-trumpet, cf-vendor-jupiter, content-full, jupiter, over-100, over-1000, reverbsync-shipping-profile:Standard Ground Shipping Over 39.99, SYNC, Tag_Bb Trumpet, trumpet

Jupiter’s XO series of professional trumpets costs even a little more than other professional trumpets, but it does offer some high quality features that aren’t present on other models. If you’re looking for some of these specific features, this just may be the trumpet for you.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • Bb key
  • 459” bore size
  • Yellow brass lead pipe
  • Reverse or standard lead pipe options
  • 1-piece bell (yellow or rose brass)
  • 8” bell diameter
  • Monel pistons
  • Silver finish

Some of the standard professional design elements are present with this trumpet by Jupiter. The 0.459” bore size is a winner because it provides a good balance of control and projection while still being able to play high notes easily.

The yellow brass lead pipe is considered by some to be inferior to rose brass in protecting the part from corrosion. But the option for a reverse-lead pipe is nice. Some find this feature distorts the sound at loud volumes, but it also may provide even greater control over the tuning and sound quality than standard lead pipe configurations.

The 1-piece, 4.8” bell provides rich sound and good projection. The option for yellow brass or rose brass for the material is interesting. Rose brass is fairly uncommon, but if you’re looking for a darker, rounder sound, this may be for you.

The monel pistons and silver finish provide great reliability and corrosion protection for the trumpet over all. You can rely on Jupiter’s trumpet for good performance.

What we liked:

  • Strong, rich sound
  • Plays high notes easily
  • Easy to tune and keep in tune while playing
  • Rose brass bell and reverse lead pipe options offer a darker, more controlled sound

What we disliked:

  • Higher price

5. Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet
  • Reverse tuning slide
  • Hand-lapped slides and Monel pistons
  • Hand-hammered one-piece annealed bell
  • Double main tuning slide braces
  • One-piece drawn leadpipe

The YTR 8335RS Xeno series is another Yamaha professional line trumpet that costs more, but it still has a great design and sound. You can consider this one to be a little bit of an upgrade from the YTR 6335 series.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • Bb key
  • 459” bore size
  • 875” bell diameter
  • 1-piece yellow brass bell
  • Gold brass lead pipe
  • Reverse tuning slide
  • Heavy weight
  • Monel alloy pistons

This trumpet is one beast of a trumpet. It’s larger overall than many other professional trumpets, and this adds to the richness of sound and ability to project. It does make it harder to play and control though.

The bore size of 0.459” is the slightly smaller standard size for advanced horns. This size provides some control and makes the high note more accessible.

The bell is made from 1-piece yellow brass which provides a clear sound. With a 4.875” bell diameter, this bell is quite a bit larger than many trumpet bells. In general, larger bells add more complexity to the sound and projection power.

Gold brass in the lead pipe is unique for the lead pipe. It does offer good sound and protection from corrosion, but gold is a softer metal and more prone to damage.

The reverse tuning slide is a nice feature that works similar to the reverse lead pipe. By inverting the way the slides lead into each other, you can get a smoother sound and more control over the tuning process.

Yamaha makes this trumpet heavier than their other models. Heavier trumpets are harder to hold and use, but the extra material provides more resonance to the sound. Monel alloy pistons add to the reliability and consistent sound of this quality trumpet.

To get a good listen of the sound, check out this video. The playing starts at 3:03.

What we liked:

  • Smooth action and quiet valves
  • Rich sound across the whole range of the trumpet
  • Great projection inside and outside
  • Versatility to play classical, jazz, and pop sounds

Wha we disliked:

  • No spit valve on the third valve slide

6. Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet

Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet, Lacquered Brass
  • Brand: BLESSING
  • Designs based on input from professional players Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci.
  • Blessing a household name in the world of brass instruments. 
  • Mouthpieces are designed at Blessing and made by Terry Warburton in Florida, and by Lausmann in Germany, so you are assured of a high quality product.

While the price for the Blessing BTRML1 trumpet is in the middle range for professional trumpets, the design still produces a good sound.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • Bb key
  • 460” bore size
  • 5” bell diameter
  • 1-piece yellow brass bell
  • Monel alloy valves
  • Amado water keys

The 0.460” bore size is a bit larger than the standard bore size for professional line trumpets. This gives the trumpet a bit more projection power and makes it a bit easier to play. The downside is that really skilled player may find it harder to fine tune the sound exactly how they want to.

A 1-piece yellow brass bell is a good choice for a clear, bright sound. The 5” bell is massive compared to most other similar trumpets. This choice makes the trumpet’s sound stronger and richer than smaller bells, but it does throw it off balance and lose some more control over the sound.

Monel alloy valves are always a good choice for consistent sound over all valve combinations and provide some protection from moisture collecting and corroding the valves.

A nice addition on the Blessing trumpet is the Amado water keys. These water keys are button valves rather than lever-based like on most trumpets. This means that there is less of a chance that the keys will break and leak air.

What we liked:

  • Rich, deep sound
  • Valve and water key design make the trumpet extra reliable
  • Priced fairly for all of the features
  • Easier to play than some other professional models

What we disliked:

  • Large bell and bore size make it harder for really skilled players to have specific control over their sound

7. Tromba Pro Professional Plastic C Trumpet-Silver

Tromba Pro Professional Plastic C Trumpet-silver
  • Polished & machine honed yellow brass sleeves
  • High quality stainless steel pistons with ABS core
  • Damage resistant and easy clean surfaces
  • Colour customisable and interchangeable parts

Don’t immediately laugh at the inclusion of the Tromba Pro Professional Plastic trumpet on the list of the best professional trumpets. If you’re looking for a great and durable outdoor trumpet that is at a very low price, this may be the perfect addition for you.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • C key
  • 459” bore size
  • Medium-sized plastic bell
  • Yellow brass lead pipe
  • Monel alloy valves
  • Light weight

Looking at the measurements of the horn parts, it matches up with the other professional trumpets. The bore size of 0.459” is one of the most popular because it offers a great balance of sound control with projection and easy access to high notes.

The bell is at the medium size. This helps give the trumpet a rich sound at the projection point. Its main downside is the plastic material.

As a material for instruments, plastic lacks the density to really let a trumpet’s sound shine and project. It does, however, make the instrument really affordable and is resistant to weather and temperature changes.

To compensate for the cheaper plastic, Tromba adds metal at key places in the design. The lead pipe funnels the vibrations from your mouthpiece through the rest of the trumpet. By making this out of yellow brass, you add a lot of “legitimate” trumpet sound to the plastic horn.

Tromba also add monel alloy piston valves instead of making them out of plastic too. This is important because, without consistent valves, the trumpet becomes unplayable.

This comparison video does a direct play with another “standard” professional trumpet. A good spot to start if you just want to hear it is at 5:32.

What we liked:

  • Very affordable price
  • Durable and handles outdoor playing well
  • Reliable construction and function
  • Good control over sound quality

What we disliked:

  • Plastic can’t project as well or create as rich of a sound

8. S.E. SHIRES Doc Severinsen Destino III Bb Trumpet

S.E. SHIRES Doc Severinsen Destino III Bb Trumpet Destino III-SP Silver
  • Loud and clearFull in all registersBroad dynamic rangeBeautifully made

S.E. shires modeled this expensive professional trumpet with influence and feedback from the legendary Tonight Show trumpeter, Doc Severinsen. This trumpet plays well anywhere, but it really shines in the jazz genre and it well suited for players looking for the best jazz trumpet.

Read on for more details, but a quick look at the specifications follows:

  • Bb key
  • 459” bore size
  • Doc Severinsen specially shaped tapered, 1-piece bell
  • 75” bell diameter
  • Lightweight, yellow brass lead pipe
  • Monel alloy piston valves
  • Custom engraving on the bell
  • Silverplate finish

With a 0.459” bore size, you get a good combination of control, projection, and an easier-to-play high range. The lightweight, yellow brass lead pipe provides protection from corrosion at one of the most important parts of the horn. A silver plating finish also offers some protection and, as some experts say, it also helps to mellow and enrich the sound of the trumpet.

The unique bell is where the Doc Severinsen trumpet shines. It’s 4.75” in diameter which is good for control over sound while still having a depth. S.E. Shires worked with the legendary performer in deciding how to shape the bell to maximize its potential, especially in the jazz world.

On the bell, you also get a custom engraving of the model and Doc’s name. This doesn’t add to the sound, but it does make the trumpet look special.

As with many professional trumpets, you also get monel alloy piston valves for consistency of sound and reliable function. This trumpet is a specialized model for both its look and playing capabilities.

What we liked:

  • Great sound for jazz playing
  • High-quality design and engraving
  • Monel alloy pistons are reliable and quiet
  • Strong sound with a great quality

What we disliked:

  • High price

The Verdict

We hope you enjoyed looking at the best professional trumpets and found the reviews helpful. Finding the right trumpet to suit your playing style isn’t hard if you know what to look for.

If you’re looking for a solid trumpet that can play well in any situation, it’s hard to find any trumpet that can consistently beat the Bach Stradivarius 180S37. The quality is proven and well-renowned. You won’t go wrong with this choice.

Other than that, if you want a rich sounding instrument with the potential to grow and match your own growing abilities, the Jupiter Professional XO Series with the rose brass bell and reverse lead pipe options can give the highly skilled player a lot of control. This may not be for an advanced player but more for someone with a lot of skill and knowledge in exactly what they want their sound to be.

Go buy with confidence, and have fun playing!

If you are looking for what the best brands are for trumpet, don’t forget to read our in-depth post called Best Trumpet Brands for Beginners, Best Trumpet Brands for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional Players. You can find tons more great information there if you are an intermediate to advanced or even rather a beginner trumpet player.

Trumpet Main Specs

First to as a refresher, make sure you read our awesome post describing the trumpet anatomy.

There are some common features that impact the trumpet’s overall quality and sound. As these features cropped up in the reviews, you may have noticed that some of these stayed the same while others varied. Read on for a quick guide on how a trumpet’s main specifications affect the playing of the trumpet.

Bell Size and Build

On professional trumpets, the bell shape and build are one of the areas that sees the most variety. Each little difference can have a noticeable change in the sound made.

For professional trumpets, the bells are usually made of one solid piece and are slightly above average in diameter. This provides a richer sound that resonates well with the horn.

In general, larger bells equal richer and more powerful sound. Extra-large bells project well but create an edgy sound. Smaller bells have better control but don’t create as much sound.

Bore Size

Bore size can also have a big impact on how the trumpet sounds. Larger bores are easier to play, but they don’t have as much control. These bore sizes also have a hard time with playing high notes.

The smaller and more medium bore sizes make it easier to play high notes. They also offer better control over the sound which is something the advanced player needs to get better and blend with different ensembles. If the bore size gets too small, the trumpet doesn’t project well, though.

Piston Valve Systems

Piston valves divert air and vibrations through different lengths of tubing to change the pitches. Because they need to be always moving, they’re the most likely part to break or cause problems when playing. The moisture that travels and gathers in them regularly also makes them much more likely to get damaged from corrosion.

For this reason, most professional trumpets have some kind of specially designed valves. The best ones tend to be made from monel alloy, but stainless steel is another good option as well.

Lead Pipe 

The lead pipe is the part of the metal tubing where your sound goes first. It’s also near the area where you hold the trumpet in order to reach the valves. For both of these reasons, it’s essential that it’s designed well for protection against the moisture and sweat it experiences.

Most brands will include an extra something to the brass to help with this protection. You want to avoid buildup and damage here as much as possible. The most common lead pipe alloy is rose brass although yellow brass works almost as well.


Professional trumpets tend to be more delicately made. Not that they can’t withstand some bumps here and there, but the design is more intricate that beginner or intermediate trumpets. On top of this, they cost considerably more than those models as well.

No one wants to drop a huge chunk of change and then have their trumpet give out quickly. You need to think about where you’ll play this trumpet the most and make sure the durability matches your purpose.

For example, if you’re playing inside with sitting ensembles most of the time, you can sacrifice a bit of durability for sound quality. However, if you’re playing outside or gigging and moving around while you perform, it may be best to opt for a more durable professionally trumpet.

The best way to find out a trumpet’s durability is to check out the “What we liked” section for the user experience.

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