Best 6×9 Component Speakers – Read This Before Buying to Avoid Disappointment

Audiophiles who want to make sure that they have the best sound possible when listening to music need to consider component speakers. These speakers offer a number of benefits over coaxial speakers, making them a powerful and superior choice. Not only do they provide great sound but they are also highly customizable. This is great for audiophiles who want to ensure a custom sound in their vehicles without any distortion or loss of clarity. Component speakers have been designed to ensure that you have the best sound production and distribution. Choosing the best 6×9 component speakers is important so that your sound is always amazing.

Unfortunately, even if you do a lot of research on your own, you are likely to run into problems when trying to buy 6×9 component speakers. Trying to complete your own research and find the best speakers for your car without help can result in you ending up with the wrong speakers. Rather than feeling as if you have wasted your time or your money, you can rest easy when you choose one of these top speakers. By taking extra time to find the best 6×9 component speakers on the market for your car, you can get the most out of listening to music on the road.

Here are our top recommendations. Read through this and you will have all the required information before purchasing.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for 6×9 Component Speakers

mlmtbl-table__imageRockville RV69.2C
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • High response to all frequencies
  • Cotton spider material
mlmtbl-table__imageInfinity REF9630CX
  • Offers impressive clarity
  • Nicely built and attractive
  • Precise positioning
mlmtbl-table__imageJBL CLUB9600C
  • Compatible with most types of cars
  • Exceptional frequency response
  • Clean, crisp sounds
mlmtbl-table__imageInfinity REF9620CX
  • Incredibly sensitive
  • Offers high levels of power
  • Clean, hard bass
mlmtbl-table__imagePolk Audio DB691
  • Incredibly clear, bright sound
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof design
mlmtbl-table__imageMorel Tempo Ultra 692
  • Clean and crisp sound
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Impressive RMS
mlmtbl-table__imagePioneer TS-D69C
  • Large cones produce a lot of bass
  • Large response range
  • Great power handling

1. Rockville RV69.2C

Audiophiles who are really interested in learning about the specs of their new speakers will appreciate how transparent Rockville is with their information. This is great for buyers who want to spend their time studying their new speakers before they make a purchase so that they can be sure that they’re happy.

These Rockville speakers have cones that are made from incredibly high-quality polypropylene. This means that they provide more than enough damping to prevent any vibrations. Since vibrations are the enemy of a clear a bright sound, it’s key for great speakers to do everything possible to prevent them from ruining the sound quality of the music.

The surrounds are made from durable butyl rubber, which not only helps improve sound quality but also prevents the speakers from being damaged. Additionally, the ferrite magnets in the dome tweeters ensure clear, bright sound at high frequencies. Thanks to the great overall sound of these speakers as well as their decreased distortion, they offer a great listening experience.

CEA-rated speakers are some of the highest-quality options on the market today and these Rockville speakers are no exception. They have been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association to be incredibly accurate. This is sure to give buyers peace of mind when they realize that they are investing in high-quality, durable speakers. A CEA rating is a great way for a company to prove to their consumers that they have created some of the best speakers on the market.

Thanks to the physical design of these Rockville speakers, they offer impressive accuracy and wide sound dispersion. This is due to the location of the crossover point as well as the power provided to the speakers. Unlike other speakers that can be difficult to pair with a high-quality and matching amp, these speakers work easily with any CEA-rated amp. Matching them with a great amp ensures impressive overall sound quality and performance.

What We Liked:

  • They offer a clear and crisp sound, thanks to the high-quality construction and materials used.
  • They provide a high response to all frequencies, which means that users enjoy all of the notes in their music.
  • They are CEA-rated, which means that they are incredibly accurate and meet or surpass standards for frequency response, wattage, and SPL.
  • The cotton spider material helps to ensure even heat dispersion and prevent the speakers from overheating and wearing out.
  • They include grilles.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • They don’t have the best reputation for withstanding blowouts.
  • Some cars can’t use this speaker, which can be frustrating for those owners.

2. Infinity REF9630CX

See our detailed review of this speaker here.

One thing that really sets these Infinity speakers apart from other similar options on the market is that they offer high-quality audiophile-grade tweeters. This ensures that you enjoy a smooth sound that isn’t going to be fatiguing even when you listen to it at loud volumes for a long period of time. Users can easily enjoy listening to all types of music in their cars without ever feeling as if they are suffering or that their ears are starting to get a little tired.

The high-quality components included in these speakers mean that they are able to produce a lot of sound without much difference or variation in quality. They are fully optimized to allow for installation in your preferred area without diminished quality. Of course, taking time to make sure that the speakers are installed correctly and adjusted to perfectly fit the needs of your vehicle will result in the best sound.

Thanks to the improved cone architecture, these Infinity speakers enjoy more speaker/cone area than other similar models. This results in music that is highly nuanced and is a great reproduction of the real thing. Additionally, it means that they offer great low-frequency output, which is one area where a lot of speakers tend to fall flat. Not only is the cone advanced but there is an impressive rubber surround on these speakers that helps to protect the speaker at all times.

It’s a good idea to use an additional external amp with these speakers so that you can push them to the max and enjoy the best possible sound. While you can get away with using a factory stereo, using an external amp will ensure that they really shine and help them to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Because they move a lot of air, these Infinity speakers produce a lot of sounds. This company is a bit of a newcomer to the market so if you want to educate yourself about what they have to offer, you will want to learn more about Infinity speakers here. This will give you confidence and peace of mind when you make your final selection and purchase.

What We Liked:

  • They offer impressive clarity no matter what type of music is played through these speakers.
  • They are nicely built and attractive and they tend to be very durable.
  • Precise positioning allows for these speakers to offer some of the best overall sound coverage.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You need an amplifier to get the highest quality and full sound from these speakers.
  • They tend to be a little difficult to install on your own.
  • The extremes tend to lose some of the sound quality and sound a little pedestrian.

3. JBL CLUB9600C

Unlike some other speakers of the same size, these JBL speakers have massive cones that are designed to not only be larger but also offer higher output. This is made possible by producing and then relying on a basket design with a hi-roll surround to not only hold the larger cones but also improve their efficiency. Even though these speakers use small gauge wiring, they tend to overcome any deficiency, thanks to their great voice coil design.

Audiophiles will appreciate that they have a few different options to choose from when they mount these speakers. Not only can they use the JBL I-Mount system for flush or surface mounts but they can also rely on the Starfish mounting brackets. These mounting brackets are designed to mount the tweeters behind existing grilles. The brackets are incredibly easy to trim and to use, resulting in the perfect placement every time.

Even though these are arguably powerful and high-quality speakers, they are very affordable, making them a great option for any audiophile on a budget. It’s the careful selection of impressive components as well as professional design that really sets these speakers apart from others on the market.

The use of UV-resistant polypropylene woofers in these speakers is pure brilliance and prevents them from being easily damaged. This means that users will be able to enjoy great audio and bass experience for years to come without worrying about their speakers failing them due to UV damage. Additionally, these woofers can stand up to sticky spills and extreme temperatures without problems, making them a great option no matter the weather.

Knowing what really sets JBL apart from other speaker companies will give buyers a sense of calm when making this purchase. This is why it’s such a good idea to take some to learn about the company and their products here.

Even though some speakers tend to suffer from a little distortion when used at higher volumes, these speakers do not have this problem. They offer a clear, loud bass response as well as high levels of volume without distortion. Any audiophile who wants to crank up the power in his or her car will appreciate this attention to detail.

What We Liked:

  • They are compatible with most types of cars.
  • Woofers and tweeters tend to work fairly well together.
  • They provide exceptional frequency response.
  • They have fairly clean, crisp sounds across the board.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hooking up the crossovers is tricky and requires the wiring to be rerouted.
  • They don’t have the powerful bass that some audiophiles may expect from their speakers.
  • They can quickly fail when installed on the wrong amp.

4. Infinity REF9620CX

Unlike some 6×9 component speakers that tend to be overpriced for the options and power that they offer, the Infinity REF9620CX speakers are high-quality. They are designed to be an affordable yet durable option since they offer incredible bass and are supported with hi-roll rubber surrounds. These surrounds ensure that you get the best performance from your speakers. High-quality surrounds ensure that you don’t have to worry about them sounding tinny or rocking when you really turn up the volume.

These speakers rely on Plus One woofer tech that provides them with larger cones than normal. Since these cones are significantly larger than ones in similar speakers, they have an impressive amount of punch and control no matter how high the music goes. This means that the sound is smooth and accurate without screeching.

Not only do these speakers sound amazing when correctly installed in your vehicle but they look great too, which means that you won’t mind showing them off. It’s nice that Infinity places value on the appearance of their speakers without allowing a decrease in their quality. This means that you can install them in a prominent location in your car without fear of their appearance.

Some component speakers will easily overheat and fail, especially when used for long periods of time. However, these Infinity speakers are designed to withstand hours of use in the hottest weather without problems. At just under eight pounds, they are shockingly lightweight for how durable they are. The basket is designed to eliminate heat being held around the speaker and make it easy for them to remain cool all day long.

One thing to bear in mind is that these speakers don’t come standard with any tweeters in the box so users will want to make sure that they have cash on hand to invest in some high-quality tweeters. Additionally, since these speakers run at only three ohms instead of four, using the right amplifier is key. This will not only ensure that the speakers operate the way that they are supposed to and produce the best possible sound but also that they don’t break.

You can learn more about great Infinity speakers here, which will help you to decide if this is the best component speaker for your vehicle.

What We Liked:

  • They are incredibly sensitive, resulting in great sound at all times.
  • They offer high levels of power.
  • They provide clean, hard bass that sounds deep and throbbing.
  • They provide incredible power and volume control at an affordable price.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • They require a different outboard amp that will operate at three o
  • They can be a little difficult to install as they won’t easily fit into a stock speaker harness.

5. Polk Audio DB691

Polk Audio made sure that their speakers would stand out from the crowd, thanks to their continuous output of 150W. What this means is that they offer a lot more power than other similar speakers on the market. They put out a ton of continuous power, which means that audiophiles won’t have to worry about low sound quality in their cars.

This is a three-way setup and the sound stays clear and free from any distortion even when the volume in the car is at a max level. Not only are they powerful and loud but they also are shockingly versatile, which is great for use in custom cars and with custom setups. Because they are made from high-quality parts and components, they are also designed to last for a long time. High-quality manufacturing techniques along with strict quality control ensure great speakers.

Both high and low frequencies are perfectly balanced with these speakers, resulting in clear music that is free of distortion. Thanks to the silk polymer dome tweeter and the Mica cone woofer, these speakers respond quickly and smoothly to any volume adjustments.

The silk dome tweeters in these speakers are a nice touch and are the main cause of such a clear, bright sound. Even at higher volumes, these tweeters ensure a rich and warm tone that never sounds tinny or harsh. The stiff and lightweight mica/polymer composite provides plenty of rich, true sound without distortion or noise. The addition of a neodymium tweeter magnet also helps to improve sound quality and tone.

A durable rubber surround is key to ensure that the speakers not only function as desired now but that they last for a long time without distortion or failing. These Polk Audio speakers have a butyl rubber surround that can handle extreme temperature swings as well as harsh UV rays. Additionally, the stainless steel mounting hardware is some of the best on the market and is designed to last for years without failing.

Hearing is really believing when it comes to buying new speakers for a car, which is why so many people want to hear these speakers in action before purchasing them. You can do that here, which will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right speakers for your high demands.

What We Liked:

  • They produce incredibly clear, bright sound even at very high volumes.
  • They are surprisingly easy to install, which is great for DIYers.
  • The waterproof design is great for audiophiles who may be worried about protecting their equipment.
  • They feature multiple hole speaker mounting to ensure that buyers have easy, fast installation.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Bass quality isn’t as impressive as the rest of the range.
  • They do not work as a flush mount as they stick out from behind a baffle speaker.

6. Morel Tempo Ultra 692

This is an incredibly rugged component speaker that is designed to offer flawless performance as well as impressive handling. The high-quality performance ensures that every audiophile gets to enjoy the great sound when in his or her vehicle. Morel is known for producing impressive speakers that can easily blow the competition out of the water, thanks to their use of premium components and parts in all construction. This paper composite woofer combined with a powerful magnet ensures that you enjoy amazing, reliable power handling every time that you listen to music in your car.

Additionally, the soft dome tweeter in this speaker is designed to ensure that you enjoy impressive and clear highs without them sounding too sharp or harsh. This is great for people who want to be able to listen to more than just music with booming bass, although the Morel Tempo Ultra 692 does that well too. Thanks to the external crossover included with this speaker, users will be able to enjoy a perfectly blended listening experience. All of the highs and the lows of the music will blend together smoothly, thanks to this high-quality crossover.

It’s really difficult to find any component speaker that will be able to match the power and clarity of this option but the price tag can be a little high for some buyers. Thanks to the neodymium magnet in the soft dome tweeter, this speaker delivers impressive dynamics and amazing musical clarity and detail. It’s the little touches, such as this high-quality magnet as well as the treated paper cone that make this speaker worth the extra cost.

Once you hear a Morel speaker, you will remember it for the rest of your life and quickly see why it’s considered to be in a class on its own. Before shopping, however, you will want to enjoy the impressive sound of these speakers in this video.

Thanks to using point source solutions as well as two-way solutions, this Morel speaker provides impressive sound performance. There is impressive quality control for these speakers, resulting in an almost-perfect speaker that features a copper voice coil wire and butyl rubber woofer surrounds that are built to last.

What We Liked:

  • The magnet in this speaker is much stronger than in some other speakers.
  • The sound is clean and crisp.
  • The aesthetically pleasing design looks great when mounted in a visible location in the car.
  • The impressive RMS lets buyers know that these speakers can easily get really loud.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The higher price tag can put it out of reach of some people.
  • The shorter warranty period is something that buyers need to be aware of before shopping.
  • They don’t include grilles, which need to be bought separately.

7. Pioneer TS-D69C

Pioneer speakers have always been known to be high-quality but now they are more affordable than ever, making these a great option for any audiophile on a budget. They provide a smooth, open sound that is much better than from factory speakers. Additionally, they don’t allow any distortion to interrupt the music, ensuring great performance.

The polypropylene woofer cone of these speakers has been infused with aramid fibers. These are incredibly strong fibers that are used to help make the speakers more durable and responsive. The end result is in an impressive bass response that is undeniably enjoyable. Additionally, the high-frequency performance of these speakers is unlike what other options can offer.

Thanks to the inline crossover design, users won’t have to worry about finding room for extra components in their cars. This frees up space in the dash and in the door of the car and creates clean lines.

Since tweeter placement plays such a huge role in playback, Pioneer made sure to include a swivel mount in these speakers. This allows users to adjust the speakers for the best possible sound. Not only can the speakers be adjusted but there are a few mounting options to choose from. Surface, bracket, and flush mounting can all be used with these speakers, resulting in a perfect custom fit.

The large diameter voice coil is designed to provide for greater control over the woofer cone while increasing power handling. This, in conjunction with a larger and more powerful magnet, results in a great sound. This Pioneer speaker handles loud sound and lots of power without a drop in sound quality.

Potential buyers who want to learn more about this Pioneer speaker can do so here.

What We Liked:

  • Large cones produce a lot of bass when the volume is turned up.
  • There’s a large response range, which ensures that you hear all of the highs and lows.
  • They provide great power handling.
  • The sound is perfectly balanced when there is enough power run to the speakers.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Low sensitivity means that users need to make sure that they have enough power to really crank up these speakers and fully enjoy their sound.
  • They can be a little bit difficult for some users to install on their own.

Side by side Comparison of the Main Features

Product Sensitivity (dB) RMS Watts Frequency Range Impedance (Ohms) Price
Rockville RV69.2C 91 110 30 – 22kHz 3.6 $
Infinity REF9630CX 93 125 46 – 21kHz 3 $$
JBL CLUB9600C 89.5 90 50 – 20kHz 3 $
Infinity REF9620CX 93 125 46 – 2kHz 3 $
Polk Audio DB691 93 125 35 22 kHz 4 $
Morel Tempo Ultra 692 91 130 50 – 22kHz 4 $$$
86 110 33 -49 kHz 4 $$

Final Verdict

The Infinity Reference 9630CX are the best 6×9 component speakers on the market today, which is great considering that they are so affordable. Thanks to their impressive power handling, high-quality tweeters, and adjustable tweeter output level, these component speakers are a great choice. They can easily be optimized based on where they are installed in the vehicle. Additionally, they boast an impressive, new basket designed to offer fast installation. The basket also helps to prevent any overheating, ensuring reliable performance at all times.

Audiophiles who have slightly larger budgets and are looking for reliable speakers designed to offer great sound can rely on the Infinity REF9620CX. They offer all of the power necessary to make music sound great. These speakers offer high power levels that result in clean music that is never tinny or fake sounding and the durable design means that they can stand up to years of use without problems.

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