A Thorough Expert Review of Morel Tempo Ultra 692

Morel Tempo Ultra 692 Review

Whether on a road trip, taking a long commute, or just driving day-to-day, having a good sound system in your car is a necessity. However, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through each product’s features to choose the sound system that’s right for you. As a life-long musician myself, … Read more

An in-depth Review of Pioneer TS-D69C 6×9 speaker

Pioneer TS-D69C 6x9 speaker Review

There are a few things that can make the difference between the drive to the store being a chore or feeling like a Baby Driver outtake. It’s not always what’s under the hood that matters most though, simple upgrades to the car audio system can elevate the entire experience of driving your car. In the … Read more

Detailed Review and Comparison of AT4040 vs AT2035

AT4040 vs AT2035

Are you looking for a professional-grade condenser microphone but having trouble navigating the complicated world of microphones? Did you choose the Audio Technica (AT) series because of its strong reputation but you’re struggling to tell the difference between the two? It’s actually a pretty common problem, and companies don’t do a great job of honestly … Read more

Test and Expert Review of Sennheiser E935 vs. E945

Sennheiser E935 vs. E945

Are you looking for a high-quality microphone but you’re having trouble picking between the different professional models? Have you decided on the great Sennheiser microphone but you’re unsure whether the E935 or E945 is right for you? I don’t blame you! This can be a tricky area to navigate, and one I’ve seen people struggle … Read more

Most Detailed Polk Audio DB691 6×9 Speaker Review

Polk Audio DB691 Review

Have you ever got in your car, heard your favorite song, and turned the volume up as loud as it could go? If you answered yes, you may also have experienced the disappointment of blowing a speaker shortly after the jam session begins. Factory speakers are often not capable of handling the maximum volume and … Read more