30-Day Singer Review

30-Day Singer Review

The biggest problem most singers have that limits their potential is a lack of consistency. Consistent and correct practice and understanding hurt every singer I’ve ever met, and in turn, hampers their self-confidence and starts a spiral that turns them off from singing forever. Scary, right? In my 20+ years as a musician, I’ve seen … Read more

Which one to choose, piano or guitar as a beginner

Guitar vs Piano which to choose for beginner

With the rise of Google, Youtube, and other apps and sources, learning a new instrument has never been easier. There are dozens of ways to learn, whether teaching yourself, finding an instructor, or taking an online course. In addition, with websites such as eBay or Craigslist, it is incredibly easy to find used instruments for … Read more

Singing when Sick with a Cough or Sinus Infection

Singing when Sick

We’ve all been there. A few days before your big performance, a cough starts and you’re in full panic mode. All the holistic remedies you’ve accumulated throughout the years aren’t working and you feel yourself getting sicker by the hour. By the time your performance comes around, you’re all stuffed up with a sore throat … Read more

Singing Diction: What Are the Best Singing Diction Exercises

Singing Diction

Music, in itself, centers around telling a story. In fact, humans operate on a story-telling basis. History, skills, and knowledge itself is passed down using stories of how they apply to life. In order for stories to be passed down, they must be understood. Music tells stories of love, loss, and other dramatic situations depending … Read more