Samson G-Track Pro vs Blue Yeti: An In-Depth Comparison

Samson G-Track Pro vs Blue Yeti

Microphones have come a long way in the last few years, particularly computer microphones. Microphones that plug directly into your computer via USB are the underrated heroes of any type of internet video and voice production. A lot of content creators use these microphones for recording music, gameplay, or doing podcasts about their favorite subjects. … Read more

What is Mic Monitoring and How to Use it to Improve Gaming

What is Mic Monitoring and How to Use it to Improve Gaming

If you are anything like me, you’ve spent several hours playing co-op games with friends on your PC or console. After years of engineering audio, it bothered me that I couldn’t hear myself when I spoke into my microphone. This lead to a lot of confusion about how loudly I was talking and didn’t allow … Read more

Rode NT vs. Blue Yeti: a Detailed Comparison and Review

Rode NT vs Blue Yeti

With the continued growth and influence of YouTube creators, podcasters, and more at-home media creators, the demand for affordable, yet quality microphones to capture sound in a range of environments and minimal equipment is at an all-time high. In my several years of working as a professional audio engineer, I’ve witnessed the arrival of professional-grade … Read more

In-depth Expert Review of The Best Microphone Brands

Best Microphone Brands

No matter what other equipment or space you’re working in, few things go further to establishing the quality of a recording than the microphone you’ve selected for the job. And as anyone who’s had even a cursory glance at all the available microphones and companies to choose from knows, the sheer volume of available mics … Read more

Detailed Review and Comparison of AT4040 vs AT2035

AT4040 vs AT2035

Are you looking for a professional-grade condenser microphone but having trouble navigating the complicated world of microphones? Did you choose the Audio Technica (AT) series because of its strong reputation but you’re struggling to tell the difference between the two? It’s actually a pretty common problem, and companies don’t do a great job of honestly … Read more

Test and Expert Review of Sennheiser E935 vs. E945

Sennheiser E935 vs. E945

Are you looking for a high-quality microphone but you’re having trouble picking between the different professional models? Have you decided on the great Sennheiser microphone but you’re unsure whether the E935 or E945 is right for you? I don’t blame you! This can be a tricky area to navigate, and one I’ve seen people struggle … Read more

Microphone Types, Usage and main Specifications

Mic types, usage and specifications

The world of microphones is a tricky one to dive into, but for those of you who are serious about educating yourselves, you’ve come to the right place. As a musician and teacher for over 20 years, I can help guide you through the tricky world of microphones. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover different … Read more

In-depth Comparison of Snowball vs. Snowball iCE

Snowball vs snowball iCE

Are you a podcaster or video content creator looking to make your first microphone purchase? Are you lost in the sea of differences between affordable microphones such as the closely-related Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE? I don’t blame you. For those who don’t know much about microphones and sound recording, finding the right microphone … Read more

Which One is the Winner of Blue Yeti vs. AT2020?

Blue Yeti vs. AT2020

Are you interested in hopping in on the podcast or audio recording game? Do you need a new microphone that meets your specific situation’s needs? New microphones can be tricky to find because there are so many, and they’re expensive. As a music teacher for over 10 years and a musician for over 20 years, … Read more

Review and Comparison of Blue Yeti Vs. Snowball

Blue Yeti vs. snowball

Are you just getting into the podcasting/sound recording game and need a good microphone to round out your set up? Are you fed up with the expensive analog microphones, and you just want a simple, affordable USB microphone to use? Then you may not find better options than Blue’s top 2 USB microphones: the Blue … Read more