Jasmine S34C NEX Review

Jasmine S34C Nex Review

As a music teacher and private lessons teacher for over 10 years, I’ve had many new guitar students come up to me with beginner guitars they went out and bought themselves.  And most of them turn out to be junk and a waste of money.  When one of my new students came to me with … Read more

Vocal Warmups And Exercises To Master Your Voice

Vocal Warmups And Exercises

If you ever find yourself interested in buying a vocal program or modeling yourself after a vocalist who makes fun of the idea of warmups and exercises, RUN FAR AWAY FROM IT! Every serious vocalist, expert, professor, coach, and famous singer will tell how critically important it is to strengthen your voice with proper vocal … Read more

Samson G-Track Pro vs Blue Yeti: An In-Depth Comparison

Samson G-Track Pro vs Blue Yeti

Microphones have come a long way in the last few years, particularly computer microphones. Microphones that plug directly into your computer via USB are the underrated heroes of any type of internet video and voice production. A lot of content creators use these microphones for recording music, gameplay, or doing podcasts about their favorite subjects. … Read more

Is Bass Easier Than The Guitar?

Is Bass Easier Than The Guitar

When students approach me for lessons, they’ve often tried guitar at some point. Usually, they try to learn it on their own which results in frustration. They ask me for lessons on guitar, but at some point early on, they ask me some variation of this question: Guitar is too hard. Should I try to … Read more