30-Day Singer Review

The biggest problem most singers have that limits their potential is a lack of consistency. Consistent and correct practice and understanding hurt every singer I’ve ever met, and in turn, hampers their self-confidence and starts a spiral that turns them off from singing forever.

Scary, right?

In my 20+ years as a musician, I’ve seen the best singers rise from this with discipline and skills that even surprise themselves.

But often these singers have a private lesson instructor or vocal coach of some sort to keep them accountable. Without such accountability and help, how is the average person supposed to become a better singer?

Enter the 30 Day Singer program.

This program has been around for a while now and helped singers of all levels improve their skills dramatically. But is it as effective as people say?

That’s what I wanted to find out and where this 30 Day Singer review came from.

Let’s dive in and see if it lives up to the promise.

Highly Recommended
  • Detailed program covering all the important elements of good singing in-depth
  • Uses a variety of excellent singing models
  • Offers a lot of supplemental material for improving singing quickly
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30 Day Singer At A Glance

30 Day Singer is a monthly membership program for singers of all levels.

When you join the program, you get access to a massive list of video models covering a wide variety of topics.

The four main categories are:

  • Beginner Courses
  • Advanced Courses
  • Singing Tricks And Techniques
  • Warm-ups And Vocal Health

You choose which videos you want to watch and practice with, but 30 Day Singer will guide you through the process if you want help.

The videos are engaging and interactive. They focus on helping you discover and train your voice which is key for developing good vocal habits and becoming a better singer quickly.

As a singer and music teacher, it’s easy for me to see how this can help and engage a wide variety of singers.

Who Is a 30 Day Singer For?

30 Day Singer is designed for all singers of any level and any type, but beginners and intermediate singers will get the most out of the program.

Even experienced singers will still improve and learn from following their exercises.

For those who sing in a choir or take lessons already, this program is a great supplement and provides a variety of exercises which will make you a better singer.

They also cover tips and strategies for singing in different genres which makes this program a little unique.

Most singing programs focus on classical or pop singing only. This one covers a wider variety.

30 Day Singer Free Trial

30 Day Singer is so confident about their program, they offer a 14 day free trial for new members.

This gives you a good idea of how the platform works without investing in the cost of the program.

In the free trial, you’ll gain access to the whole platform library for 14 days. After this, you’ll be given the option to buy into the full membership or the free basic membership.

Click here to check out the 14-day free trial now! 

30 Day Singer Cost

Membership comes in two forms: Free Basic Access and Full Access.

Free Basic Access only has access to preview lessons. These offer good value, but you’ll run out of its usefulness quickly.

Cost For Basic Access: FREE

Full Access is exactly what it sounds. You get access to everything in the program.

It’s available on a monthly billing level, though you’ll save quite a bit of money if you pay annually.

Cost For Full Access: 

  • $29.95 per month
  • $10.75 per month if billed annually ($129 total)

Confused about what to try?

I recommend the 14-day trial to check it out followed by a one-month payment. If you’re still getting value at the end of the month, which I believe you will, pay for the year and save money.

Here’s the difference between the plans:

How Does a 30 Day Singer Help?

30 The day looks at what a modern audience needs to be a better singer.

People these days need specific instruction on vocal techniques. Music teachers in schools, such as myself, are extremely limited on time (or we don’t see all kids), so most folks aren’t taught these things as children.

In adulthood, most people don’t sing in choirs like they used to.

I’ve taught adult singers along with children and teenage singers. Many of my adult singers who took lessons with me hadn’t sung in years and no idea how to warmup. 

One even asked me if warmups and techniques were needed for adults! 

Over the decades, this has created a gap in knowledge.

30 Day Singer knows this and seeks to fix it. This is why they offer so many lessons at different levels.

However, they know that audio and written lessons won’t cut it for a modern audience.

Each lesson is a video one with a good model singer, in short, digestible chunks.

Watching some of these lessons, I was rarely bored and just sat and listened for a long period.

Reviews Of 30 Day Singer: Pros And Cons

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty of the program, let’s look at the broad pros and cons of the 30 Day Singer.

No system is perfect, but the cons may be something you can deal with for the positives.


Huge Library Of Video Modules

Some singer lessons spoon-feed you or limit access to videos behind layers of different membership levels.

30 Day Singer does none of this.

From the get-go, paid members have access to an absolutely massive songs and lesson lists.

As of this writing, here’s what is offered:

  • Beginner’s Courses
    • 90 lessons (3 instructors @ 90 lessons each)
  • Advanced Courses
    • 90 videos (18 lessons @ 5 videos each)
  • Singing Tricks & Techniques
    • 70 videos (14 lessons @ 5 videos each)
  • Vocal Warmups And Exercises
    • 85 videos (17 lessons @ 5 videos each)
  • Total – 335 videos!!

This is just the current list of what’s offered. If they add any more (which they do periodically), members gain access to new ones instantly.

Reaches Different Levels

As an experienced musician and teacher, I look at programs to see what value different singers can get from it.

Does it provide resources applicable for all levels of singers, or just a surface level of understanding for beginners?

For 30 Day Singer, the answer is yes!

Professional singers will like some of the exercises, but they won’t find it worth the price.

Every other singer (including advanced level ones) will find the program worth it. The beginner lessons are thorough though basic. They’re great for beginners.

The advanced lessons will make sense for beginners and be helpful for those with more experience.

The warm-ups and techniques sections are where the money is for long-term membership.

I could (and have) spent hours looking and listening to these lessons.

Genre Specific Ideas

Most programs either A) just focus on technique or B) teach from a pop singer perspective.

30 Day Singer doesn’t want to ignore the variety of genres out there and offer lessons on a wide variety, including specific lessons on:

  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Country
  • R & B
  • Belting (musical theatre)
  • Acapella
  • Emulate your favorite singers

Great Vocal Models

I tell my students that 75% of improving in music is training the ear. Not only do you want to learn how to hear pitches better, but you need to listen to singers and figure out how you want to sound yourself.

This is why I get frustrated with many programs: the vocal models are only OK.

30 Day Singer’s instructors all have accurate pitch and great tone in every one of their lessons. Singers can gain a lot just by listening and singing with them.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of good vocal models. I once had a teenage student who sang consistently with nasally sound and over-the-top vibrato. 

When I dug into why, I realized it was because she spent all her time singing and listening to locally recorded church music. The stereotypically loud and old soprano was what she unconcsciously began to emulate. 

This won’t happen when you listen through these lessons. 

Rooted In Good Singing Practices 

Of course, if you’ve read any of my posts on singing, you’ll notice I’m a huge fan of good singing techniques and practices.

Warmups, exercises, listening, consistency…all these things are essential for a good singer.

Many programs out there completely ignore or even mock these things. I recommend people run away from them as fast as they can.

30 Day Singer has all lessons created from a place of good technique and singing practices.

You’ll be learning what the pros learn with these lessons!

30DaySinger.com Online Singing Lessons


Self-directed Pace

30 Day Singer isn’t all sunshine and roses, however. One of its biggest weaknesses is the self-directed nature of the program.

Yes, the beginner courses are designed as a 30-day course, with one specific lesson done each day.

This is great!

Once the 30 days are done, though, you’re on your own. The rest of the great lessons are all just a massive library for people to pull from randomly.

The lack of discipline may confuse people enough they don’t stick with it.

Lack Of Male Voice Specific Exercises

I love that 30 Day Singer includes male instructors, and even has a few advanced lessons on emulating your favorite male singers.

Many, many programs will be geared towards women almost exclusively (which makes sense as female singers are the larger audience).

This being said, many of the lessons are still clearly geared towards female singers. In the warmups sections, I was disappointed to see specific lessons for sopranos and altos, but nothing for tenors or basses.

Website Is A Little Hard To Navigate

Maybe this is a pet-peeve of mine, but as of this writing, the website was a little hard to navigate.

The main homepage has buttons to go check out the four main categories (covered in more details later) and then go into the different areas. From there, you go to a lesson page.

All of this is fine, but from there, there’s no easy way to jump to another category or even back to the category page.

For example, say I wanted to do a warm-up and then jump to an advance lesson (which I’d recommend), I’d need to do the following:

  • Log in
  • Click the warmup category
  • Click the lesson
  • Do the lesson
  • Click back to go to warmup category
  • Again, click back to go to the main page
  • Click the advanced courses category
  • Find the lesson and click

If you want to then jump to a technique lesson, you have to repeat the steps.

30 Day Singer Reviews: What’s Included?

This section covers what’s offered by 30 Day Singer when you’re a Full Access Member. The Free Basic Access doesn’t have all of these available.

Remember, check out the 14-day free trial to see all that’s in the Full package.

Button for trial 

Beginner Courses

The beginner courses are 30 Day Singer’s bread and butter. This is where they draw their name from.

In the Beginner Courses section, they offer three 30-day lessons to cover all singing basics to make you a better singer.

The lessons cover posture, breathing, vowel placement, techniques, and much more.

The lessons are short and easily done every day, you don’t need to dedicate a huge amount of time.
This format is great. The consistent practice improves in short bursts every day, and this will lead you to see a huge improvement in your voice in a single month.

Each of the 3 courses are different enough, you’ll get a lot from going through each. The instructors are great singers in and of themselves, but with different enough personalities and voice types to provide some variety in the lessons.

The courses cover common ground such as:

  • Warmups
  • Healthy vocal habits
  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • How the voice works
  • Connecting warmups to song
  • Chest voice
  • Head voice
  • Improving range
  • Improving tone
  • Style
  • Belting
  • Vocal Fry
  • Falsetto
  • Runs
  • Vibrato
  • MIxed voice
  • Performance techniques
  • Putting it all together
  • And Much More!

Listening through these lessons got me excited about singing in a way I haven’t felt as a teacher in a while. The simple but powerful lessons made everything seem so achievable. 

As a teacher, I know all singers can improve and enjoy their voices, but these instructors and this beginning section will help everyone.

Beginners don’t know all they need to learn. Maybe you don’t either, and that’s OK. 

30 day singer leaves nothing to chance and covers everything from standing to breathing all from the singer’s perspective. 

It may seem unnecessary to you, but trust me. You need to know how the lungs and vocal cords actually work. 

For example, if you come into this with the belief that shoving air through your vocal cords causes higher vibration, you’ll end up with vocal nodes and injury. 

This happened to a “former’ student of mine. 

I say former in this way because she took a few lessons with me and I let her go. 

She didn’t want to learn about supporting air, and didn’t want to put in the work. She said her idols didn’t learn this stuff and neither should she. 

Even though I explained to her that all good singers practice and that professional singers have vocal coaches who teach them and help them with these exact things, she wouldn’t have it.

Now, she physically can’t sing at all.  

Advanced Courses

From an experienced singer’s perspective, the advanced courses section is a huge plus.

Basic understanding and fundamentals can take you a long way, but at a certain point, you hit a plateau.

You need more specific instruction on different advanced techniques to improve in hyper-specific areas.

30 Day Singer’s advanced courses are a great place to start.

These courses are made of 5 video lessons for each topic.

The courses are covered by different instructors and offer an introduction to each advanced idea as well as several exercises from improvement.

Looking at this from a beginner or intermediate singer’s perspective, it’s easy for me to see how going through the courses could result in a bunch of ah-ha! moments.

The way they cover the topics makes mysterious and complicated techniques seem simple.

Will it carry you to a professional understanding? No, but you’ll see improvement after sticking with these for a while.

As of this writing, 30 day singer offers 18 advanced courses covering some of the following topics:

  • Pop singing style
  • Runs and embellishments
  • Professional singer tips and tricks
  • Emulating famous singers
  • Singing in the classical style
  • Singing in R&B
  • Dynamics and other style elements
  • Belting technique
  • Playing an instrument and singing at the same time

Singing Tricks And Techniques

The techniques section is probably the one most people would ignore if left on their own. They don’t sound exciting on their own.

After all, who doesn’t want to focus on singing and sounding like a pop star?

This would be a mistake.

The singing tricks and techniques section is where the aware singer will improve by leaps and bounds.

30 Day Singer’s lessons here are detailed guides on very specific techniques. Just flipping through them may seem boring, BUT if you’re able to reflect on your own singing and weaknesses, this section could make all the difference in the world.

Say you want to belt out your favorite pop tunes. You understand how to sing in tune and with a good tone, but you struggle to reach the higher and trickier notes with the powerful and raw belt.

Go to this section. There’s a lesson for this exact thing.

Are you a good belter, but you’re having a hard time taking in enough air to support long phrases?

There’s a lesson for that.

This section will take more thought on your part, but this section will also help you fix your biggest weaknesses.

On a personal note, this is where I’ve spent most of my own time when exploring this program.

Even as a music teacher, I appreciate all the different courses here. Students learn best by getting information on a topic in different ways.

Some of these courses cover similar ground, but they’re presented with enough exercises and different perspectives to keep it fresh. 

What works for one, doesn’t work for others. So a teacher needs to cover an idea from different ways.

30 Day Singer gets this right. 

Warm-ups And Vocal Health

The instructors and makers of this course are trained singers and vocal coaches, and you can tell instantly.

This section isn’t very glamorous, but it’s essential to good singing.

30 Day Singer does its best to make these exciting and applicable to all singers, and the instructors do a great job.

It’s honestly a blast to go through these warmups which were surprising to me. I appreciate warmups and love them for their usefulness, though I don’t always enjoy them.

I did in this case.

Vocal warmups confuse newer singers all the time.

What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do this?

It’s a vast and deep topic and literally, 100s of books have been written on it.

30 Day Singer tries to remove the confusion.

The clearly labeled lessons are there and call to each singer and what they need.

Some help you develop your voice while others improve your range.

It’s all clearly labeled and put together for you to check out.

With 17 courses with multiple lesson videos included in each, you’ll be able to spend weeks and months exploring.

If the Beginner’s Courses are the selling point for the program, this engaging and useful warmups section is the sticking point.

This is where you get the value month after month (and they do keep adding more over time too!).

Live Lessons And Other Extras

The four sections above are the main offerings of 30 Day Singer, but there are also some extras for you to explore.

The biggest one you may want to check out is the chance to schedule live lessons.

Live lessons cost extra, but the instructors will be able to identify what you need to work on specifically and recommend exercises and/or courses to your specific voice.

30 Day Singer also puts out a blog. The posts are brief snapshots into specific topic areas, but many will find them an engaging quick read whenever you get a chance.

As someone who understands how important it is to read, listen, and watch new information, I love the blog.

Access to the 30 Day Singer forum is also a plus.

Through this platform, you’ll be able to meet and share information with other singers such as yourself.

Ask questions and learn from each other to become better singers.

Looking at the forum, it seems respectful and knowledgeable (a nice break from the toxic nature of most online discussion places in the modern-day).

The forum can cover topics and get questions answered the program isn’t ready to handle yet.

30DaySinger.com Online Singing Lessons

The Verdict

I hope this 30 Day Singer review shows what this program offers for you. If you’re interested at all, click the button for the free 14-day trial to check it out.

Highly Recommended
  • Detailed program covering all the important elements of good singing in-depth
  • Uses a variety of excellent singing models
  • Offers a lot of supplemental material for improving singing quickly
Become a Better Singer Now!

Is a 30 Day Singer for everyone?

Yes!…to a certain extent. All singers will improve greatly from the huge variety of courses and specific warm-ups and exercises.

But men will feel a little left out with the specific exercises for tenor, baritone, and bass singers.

Still, the surprisingly affordable cost and male singer instructors will help you get better quickly.

Are you going to be a master singer in 30 days? No.

Will improve so much you surprise your friends and family? Yes!

Check it out and see for yourself.

30-Day Singer Review
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30-Day Singer Review